Reign: Nagalisitu – Episode 11

The Hunting Pack has split apart. While some members try to keep civilization running, others have turned against society or pursue their own goals. At this point though, the influence of the Hunting Pack has waned. Some citizens of Nagalisitu act in secret against the Pack. Who will this conflict fought in the shadows?

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  1. You forgot the evil Morty music at the end. Lol, great episode! I’ll say more later

  2. okay so I think I understand why I liked this one more than the last one. the seeds were already planted that Four Hands was going to do something extraordinarily subversive, one because David, and two because he feels insulted among the Pack.

    I considered some sort of PC sponsored terrorism to be an inevitability, frankly in any game.

    Klingzor really came through more here. I’m not actually sure how he got played, since his biggest problem was not being informed by the others due to missing a session, but the fact that he tried to covertly make amends, and admitted that he got manipulated, that was a very good moment. I really, really liked Klingzor and Dwenar’s moments together. Shaun generally excels at playing strange characters with loads of personality, but for most of Reign, he hadn’t really shown much depth until he admitted he’d betray his brother for Nagalisitu.

    While I could laud praise on everyone involved, I wanted to single out Jason/Langdon Scarl. I’m really starting to enjoy him overall, I love his line in ‘weight of her shadow’ “Do you have any idea what the CIA was doing in the 70s?….IN CHINA??” He’s got a military mindset which can be pretty useful in gaming, but he doesn’t let it dominate his personality or turn games into history lessons, (not that I mind ASG giving a lecture from time to time), but he’s a real good player.

    Lastly, Caleb, I dunno if you were worried about the last episode since there wasn’t a lot of chatter, but I think how this one plays out will get the buzz. 😀

    Well done

  3. Love Caleb’s old man voice.

  4. Welp, this society is definitely able to defend itself now.

  5. Steve seems very good at his job. Wonder if the party is going to have to destroy him.

  6. I guess this wasn’t the ending! Kudos to Shaun for trying to redeem Klingzor’s actions. I don’t know if David is trying to go full Batman villain again? 😀

    More hard choices for Dwenar, yay!

  7. I’m not sure why Klingzor’s claiming that he didn’t know Carmen was crazy and the others didn’t tell him, Carmen WASN’T in the session he missed (Episode 9;, she was in Episode 8, and he was there for that one and actually managed to tick her off by complaining her moving from the cave was “inconvenient” for him. He was also fully aware of the black-magic-sacrifice plan Carmen proposed, and was all for it.

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