At every hour of every day on Sixaura, the soldiers of each empire are killed and reborn in an endless loop. Their dead bodies derezz, the bonds between their nanos dissolving—just in time for them to be reassembled elsewhere, fresh with the memory of death and ready to kill once again. These clone commandos do not die, do not rest, and do not age. They are duplicated forever, frozen in the same unchanging body, save a few occasional gene-edits from the top brass in order to optimize their killing potential. This is the only life they know. It is a meatgrinder without meat—a bloodbath without blood. A squad of four soldiers is sent out to capture an enemy outpost but this will be anything but a routine mission.

Check out Planet Fist on! This is a full conversion of the FIST rules, with new mechanics and traits.

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Ross as Captain Bopit
Bridget as 2nd Lieutenant Brisket
Fae as Private MDOL
Thad as Private Strickle
Jess as the GM

The squad heads back into the city to rescue their captain! They’ve upgraded their mechs and added two new members to the squad, but they’ll have to fight through an entire army to find the VIPs and rescue them!

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Caleb as callsign GALILEO
Maddy as callsign DAYBREAK
Chris as callsign CATALYST
Aaron as callsign RED FURY
Jason as callsign SPACE CASE

For 500 years, the planet Cressidium has been isolated from the wider galaxy. Turned from a fledgling colony into a refuge for those fleeing from the fall of the Second Committee, the people of Cressidium have struggled and fought to build a home for themselves while casting off the shadow of SecComm’s tyranny. Five centuries later, an encounter with a Union exploratory mission has ignited an interest in rejoining the galactic community, but not everyone on Cressidium sees the Third Committee as potential allies, but rather usurpers of humanity’s rightful legacy among the stars. Now, the arrival of a Union diplomatic delegation may be the spark that causes simmering tensions between nations to erupt into all-out war.

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Caleb as callsign GALILEO
Maddy as callsign DAYBREAK
Chris as callsign CATALYST

A reclusive oligarch, Jorge Fugger, has liquidated his entire portfolio in a single massive gatecrashing operation. Firewall knows he funneled vast amounts of material and personnel through the Martian Gate, all to a single location. A team of agents is sent in to infiltrate the operation and report back. They find more than they bargained for…

Chris as Chi, Barsoomian hackivist
Amanda as Estika, xenoarcheologist
Tom as Goddard, gatecrasher

A cat girl, a scavenger, and a cyborg enter a bunker, intent on saving the world from the dangers of Cointract’s biotech in the hands of ruthless corporate executives. They must face the CEO of Cointract and Felicia’s old boss if they hope to survive. Will the bunker be their tomb? Find out in the thrilling campaign finale of Cointract Island!

Bridget as Felicia, cat girl bartender
Lydia as Aava Amaranth, cyborg hacker
Fae as ‘Emily);Drop Table;– (AKA Indy), a scrappy scavenger