I have been thinking about making a second edition of Base Raiders. Back in October 2022, I ran a playtest to try out some ideas before I focused on the night clerk zine. I recently remembered that I had this epsiode, so here it is. Tom and Chris make characters and then we try a short adventure. Enjoy!

The Coalition has imprisoned a person imbued with a Muse spirit, although they don’t know the person has the Muse. The Tomorrow Legion Muse Squad has to break her out of Neo Folsom Prison before they discover her unique power. Some of the team goes undercover as prisoners while others work on the outside to pull off the heist.

Tom as Steve the Grackle Tooth Mercenary
Dan as Daryl the Mystic
David as 44, a Maxi Man tattoo warrior

The Prayerbooks of Lethe is a dangerous tome. It contains the knowledge of an obscure cult, the Drowners of Lethe, connected to dozens of murders and disappearances in the last century. The book has surfaced in the listing of an estate auction. Three agents are sent to the estate to retrieve the Prayerbooks before the auction is held. The horrors they encounter inside are beyond their imaginations.

Max as Madeline Owens, anthropologist. Check out Good Brews Bad Views Podcast!
Claire as Maci Adams, FBI agent. Relatable Rolls has more Delta Green Actual Play content.
Aaron as Lorena Meza, FBI agent.

This scenario is my Shotgun Scenario contest entry for 2023. Read the full scenario here.

The Tomorrow Legion heads to the Colorado Baronies to rescue the Mallsoft muse before the Coalition attacks! The muse lives in a shopping mall turned enclave. A nuclear missile from the pre-rifts era became self-aware and lives in the mall as a benevolent advisor to the inhabitants. It is willing to sacrifice itself to protect the mall but the heroes want to save everyone, even the missile. Can they save the day?

Tom as Steve the Grackle Tooth Mercenary
Chris as Cranberry Bog Hexer, Human Ocean Wizard
David as 44, a Maxi Man tattoo warrior

The FBI agents are now in charge of the case, as they look for a killer on the looser. The suspect, a former special forces soldier, is an expert in wilderness survival and it won’t be easy to find him. Even if they take him down, the agents know the real threat is inside Santana and some people want to capture the entity, not kill it. This is the thrilling conclusion of this classic Delta Green scenario!

Thad as Taurean Cybulski, FBI agent
Vee as Christina Lambert, medical examiner – Check out Queen’s Court Games!
Aaron as Jacklyn Wingfield, FBI agent

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