Dr. Zack Garland, a retired biologist, formerly of March Technologies, has been secretly buying human remains on the black market. He lives alone in a farmhouse, where he’s built a large metal building next to his home. Given these facts, Delta Green sends a team of three agents to find out what he’s doing and if he is working with anyone else.

Thad as Donovan Eckles, Biologist
Rob Stith (listen to the Orpheus Protocol now!) as Grant Allbee, Federal Agent
Caleb as Paxton Millner, ATF explosives specialist

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The Delvers have nearly reached their goal but a beast of legend may lure Rakk away! The gnoll cleaver has found the trail of the worm, but dark forces conspire against the Delvers. Should he show mercy or strike down the creature? The Delvers also need someone to treat their wounds and helpful Granny awaits in the Briar…for a price.

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Aaron as Garanhon Pearce, a Vermissian knight
Tom as Rakk, a gnoll cleaver
Thad as Outis Phyz human junk mage
David as Valanthe drow witch

The Pit Stops, a team of mutant animals living in the shadows, inadvertently stole a tactical nuclear weapon and it turns out there’s consequences for that. The Reaper, a feared assassin for the Russian mafia, is out to get them. They need to stop him before it’s too late!

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Ross as Cindy Barr, raccoon with a rocket launcher
Thad as Fourty Four, Maine coon cat
Chris as Bogart/Druid, cockroach
David as Sitarra, lion from a professional magician
Tom as the GM

The Delvers explore the Machines of Dust, an ancient network of tunnels built to worship the god known only as the Hungry Deep. They hope to find a weapon capable of destroying the ghost-haunted tower that blocks their path. However, they’ll face a team of gnoll soldiers out on their own mission…

Aaron as Garanhon Pearce, a Vermissian knight
Tom as Rakk, a gnoll cleaver
Thad as Outis Phyz human junk mage
David as Valanthe drow witch

Away from the watchful eye of national intelligence, a cadre of exceptional misfits is assembled. These soldiers of fortune are uniquely equipped for covert and unusual operations. In these uncertain times, the line between science and superstition has been broken, and the new arms race is only beginning. You, or your associates, may be faced with weapons, tactics, and actors unlike any you have ever seen. For a price, those exceptional misfits can help.  When you’re all out of options, it’s time to call FIST.

A team of FIST operatives heads into a remote abandoned Soviet facility in the desert. People from nearby towns have disappeared. Strange lights can be seen at night. What is going on there and why is the space shuttle there being repaired?

Chris as Rush  (improvise/morbid)
David as Bendy (sharpshooter/contortionist)
Thad as PSYCHO BLASTMAN (henshin/rage/detonator)
Aaron as Red/Blue (synthetic/henshin/statuesque)