The Tomorrow Legion muse squad heads into the Vaporwave Realm to gain crucial intel. Three Coalition mind melters are assaulting the realm. The team has to help vapor dolphins, navigate the vapor maze and save vapor Tokyo from a kaiju! Can they save Vaporwave?

Tom as Steve the Grackle Tooth Mercenary
Jason as Vance Hellspring, psi-stalker
Dan as Daryl the Mystic

The Tomorrow Legion sends in a team to investigate the extradimensional realm known as the Symphony. The Muse of Classical Music has a realm that is under siege by evil forces. The team has to stop the evil so they can find leads to the locations of other muses. Whoever has the most Muses can enact the Symphony of the End, a powerful magical ritual. What secrets lie in the realm of Classical Music?

Tom as Steve the Grackle Tooth Mercenary
Chris as Cranberry Bog Hexer, Human Ocean Wizard
David as 44, a Maxi Man tattoo warrior
Jason as Vance Hellspring, psi-stalker

Vermis is a mysterious lost video game, with no known copies left in existence, until two friends find one. They set out to livestream the game to show it off to the world when a strange mist surrounds their house. Can they navigate the strange realm of Vermis and return home or will they be lost forever?

Tom as Lane Meyer
Jason A as Jasper Merriweather
Ross as the GM

Promo: Looters, a new Stars Without Numbers AP podcast.

Razin 4 is just another destination for a crew of spacers on a cargo mission but they’ve hit a hitch. They’re supposed to pick up some starship engines but sabotage has slowed their production down. The factory manager offers the crew a special job at a high rate to find out who’s sabotaging the engine production. The crew can’t leave without the engines anyway, so they go planetside to find out what’s going on. The Blue Butterfly awaits.

Screams Amongst the Stars is a rules light sci-fi horror RPG. I liked the rules so check it out!

Jason A as Liam O’Conner
Chris as Dider Leong
Maddy as Zaina Guyface
Tom as Owen Murphy
Ross as the GM

The world changes everyday, but a cult wants to freeze the world into place. No more alterations, no more chaos. Like a story in a book. The cult is made up of deserters from CYCLOPS, a secret paramilitary group. The only group that can stop them is FIST, Freelance Infantry Strike Team. The FIST agents head to the cult’s headquarter, a mansion outside Chicago. Can they stop the door from opening?

Amanda as Coneja (mind reading/bounce)
Jason A as Sanctuary (retreat/amateur)
Tom as Kappa (hybrid/venomous)
Chris as Spoiled Kool-Aid