The streets of Galgenbeck are overrun by Goblins, turning burgher and pauper alike into their own cursed kin. But a local alchemist claims to have a cure. Only, the price is steadily increasing. The mayor hires three adventurers to find the root of the problem and free the town from goblins.

This is our first foray into Mork Borg, a popular fantasy RPG with a unique aesthetic!

Aaron as Dirty Blue Waites the Sacrilegious Songbird
Chris as Becephalus Skorn the Esoteric Hermit
Tom as Rasalom the Cursed Skinwalker

Hathor, the experimental bioweapon, is in the middle of a love triangle and it could doom the island! Hathor desperately wants to escape the island and has had her lover Xyla build a rocket to do so. A rocket launch from the island could trigger missile strikes from nearby naval ships. If the team can calm Hathor and the others down and convince them not to launch the rocket, they can save the island from destruction.

Bridget as Felicia, cat girl bartender
Lydia as Aava Amaranth, cyborg hacker
Fae as ‘Emily);Drop Table;– (AKA Indy), a scrappy scavenger


Nikki Sandson is a promising graduate student pursuing a degree in American Folklore. For her dissertation, she had planned to catalog and analyze the tales of several isolated communities deep in the western North Carolina Mountains. Now, she and her boyfriend are missing in the rugged terrain and her family fears the worst. Two private investigators and one of Nikki’s colleagues follow her steps to find her.

This scenario comes form Fear’s Sharp Little Needles, an anthology of Call of Cthulhu scenarios, easily adaptable for Delta Green rules.

Caleb as Dr. Lyle Bennington, Anthropologist
Jason as Sapphon Arnault, private investigator
Maddy as Veronica turner, private investigator
Ross as the Handler

The team has escaped the Greeting Hub but the Forest holds its own dangers! They have to travel through the Forest at night in order to reach the resort, but strange beings lurk. The Dryads are mutated humans kidnapping others for sinister reasons. They are led by Hathor, a powerful human/plant hybrid being with her own plans.

Bridget as Felicia, cat girl bartender
Lydia as Aava Amaranth, cyborg hacker
Fae as ‘Emily);Drop Table;– (AKA Indy), a scrappy scavenger

The Pit Stops are back at it again! They’re investigating the goop and dealing with a secret government conspiracy…or is it? Someone wants to kill the Pit Stops, that’s for sure!


Ross as Cindy Barr, raccoon with a rocket launcher
Thad as Fourty Four, Maine coon cat
Chris as Bogart/Druid, cockroach
David as Sitarra, lion from a professional magician
Tom as the GM