Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Imperium Maledictum: The Endius Mandate – Episode 7

The last target is in the mountains, in a lawless town known as Kasan. It’s a hotbed of illegal mining and crime, as prospectors frantically dig up what they can to sell to either side and gangs extort money from the prospectors. The agents need to find their target without attracting attention to themselves or falling victim to the roving gangs.

Vee as Rabbit, voidborn guard savant, – Check out Queen’s Court Games
Noah as Khurt Neksilp, imperial guard – Listen to Thinking Too Hard About Anime
Thad as The Harrow, voidborn mystic psyker
Kara as Lim the null hiveborn blank zealot

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  1. I was not expecting an unintentional vtuber reference with Rabbit befriends an orphan named Pippa

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