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Mutant animals live in the shadows, scavenging and stealing what they need to survive. One team, the Pit Stops, gets a job to steal a package from a shipping company. The money is too good to turn down, but there’s more to this simple heist than meets the eye.

Ross as Cindy Barr, raccoon with a rocket launcher
Thad as Fourty Four, Maine coon cat
Chris as Bogart/Druid, cockroach
David as Sitarra, lion from a professional magician
Tom as the GM

Every month, a sacrificial victim is thrown into an underground labyrinth, where a monster waits, hungry. Elsewhere, a Delta Green cell activates to tracking down a missing man. The handler alone knows why the missing man is important, but they won’t tell the agents that. A pig farm in Iowa prospers, and no one in town questions why. The Drove awaits.

Check out the full map of the Chute on the RPPR Patreon.

This episode is based on my 2021 Delta Green Shotgun Scenario contest entry, The Drove. Read it here.

Jason B as Handler Beverly
Maddy as Agent Tara
Tom as Agent Thad
Chris as Agent Brianna

An invasion of monstrous creatures overwhelms Earth. Appearing from slipgates, the monsters are poised to wipe out humanity. A group of rangers embark on a mission beyond the slipgate to secure a mystic rune held by the monsters. It won’t be easy..

This is part 2 of our Pixel 2 Paper series. Listen to part 1 here, where Chris and I discuss Quake 1, the video game inspiration for this RPG, Slipgate Chokepoint.

Chris as the GM
Aaron as Beef Cobra
Bill as Honky Tonk
Jason A as Fat Tengu
Ross as Quad Bike