An expedition to the Backrooms has lost contact with Earth. The secretive foundation running the expedition sends in a team of operatives to reestablish contact and secure the zone. Whatever cut off the expedition doesn’t want them to succeed though.

Ross as the GM
Aaron as Stanford Greeman, researcher
Tom as Abelard, creep
Chris as Random Tangent, enforcer

SUBSURFACE is an action horror tabletop RPG inspired by F.E.A.R, Half-Life, Dusk, Doom, the SCP Foundation, and FIST by CLAYMORE. In this game, operatives trapped in the lowest levels of the Pit try to fight their way up countless floors of horror to get to the surface, in the wake of a terrible and mysterious subterranean disaster.

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A curse haunts the Lost Frontier.The waters of the Fox River are tainted and those that come into contact with the water risk the curse. Three desperate men are doomed to die horrible deaths but have found a possible way to remove their curses. They must travel to the source of the river, atop Unholy Mountain. What horrors await them atop the peak?

Aaron as “William Tiff” Flanagan
Tom as James Harrow
Dan as Phillip Strongwater
Ross as the GM

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Camp Kingdom Come is a rules-light roleplaying game where players play the roles of Bible Camp Counselors during the Apocalypse. They must shepherd a group of unruly Campers through various tribulations – at least until their parents pick them up on Sunday night. I liked the rules so I gave it a shot.

Maddy as Will Marsh
Chris as Dewey Bugersville
Aaron as Mitchell Parker
Bill as Brett Stephens
Ross as the GM

The squad heads back into the city to rescue their captain! They’ve upgraded their mechs and added two new members to the squad, but they’ll have to fight through an entire army to find the VIPs and rescue them!

Get Solstice Rain here.

Caleb as callsign GALILEO
Maddy as callsign DAYBREAK
Chris as callsign CATALYST
Aaron as callsign RED FURY
Jason as callsign SPACE CASE

In a normal looking subdivision of a suburban neighborhood, five inter-connected residents find themselves embroiled in a tangled web of lies, lacrosse, and feral cats. Each has their own scheme in play, but there’s no guarantee any of them will succeed. Find out who lives and who goes to jail in this new Fiasco tale!

Ross as Miriam
Chris as Yu
Caleb as Krystal
Aaron as Mary Alice
Maddy as Kim