The fans of RPPR Actual Play have created some great fan art and fan fiction based on our actual play podcasts. If you can’t get enough of our podcasts, look here to see how some other listeners have interpreted our games.

Fan Fiction

A Very Thorough Murder (PDF) by Alex Wickersham based on A Very Thorough Murder

RPPR And Other Childish Things (PDF) and RPPR Character Sheets (PDF) by The Lost Carol based on multiple games, especially our MAOCT games.

The Wages of Sin (PDF) by Alethea based on the Wages of Sin

Last Rites (PDF) by Erdrick based on the Know Evil campaign

Fan Art

Luna Tier (PDF) by Review Cultist based on Know Evil episode 9

No Soul Left Behind comics by Doug

Fan Video/Animation

20000 Light Years Under the Sea from Mike Newcomb on Vimeo.

Know Evil (Flash) by bidoof

Fan Music

See No Evil by Idge

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