Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 9

The exsurgent went down there? Uh, let the crazy guy go in first. The Firewall team has taken one step closer to the machinations of the organization behind Know Evil. On the Argonaut station Miter, the team uncovers a plot to ruin the reputation of an important media personality and put to a stop to it. They also find a link to research into TITANs, including a mission to retrieve new specimens from an active TITAN site. The team tracks down the researcher but isn’t prepared for what they find…

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  1. You’ve put this up now? Really? Now? I’ve been sitting here all day wondering what I should listen to (and trying to find another actual play podcast as good as this one to no avail). Now I have to wait until Monday to listen to it 🙁

  2. Holy crap. I started listening to it thinking I would fall asleep while listening to Eclipse Phase goodness.

    Then Tom did some very awesome role-playing and enjoyed it a lot.

    Then, shit got real. Shit got VERY GODDAMN REAL. I’m not gonna spoil it but the last 30 minutes hit me harder than the Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 9.

    So yes, I ended up staying awake to listen to the entire episode in a single run.

    Goddamn it Caleb. You are a huge bastard, and I love you for it.

  3. i’ve just figgered something out; why i really like podcasts is they remind me so much of radio plays, especially things like RPPR — it relies so much on the listener’s imagination, much more so than, say tv or computer games.

    and what makes RPPR great? the whole current group works like a charm — it’s almost like you’re all married ;3

  4. uh…man. if I were a fuckin octomorph and I got exsurgent limb dissociation, I would start screaming and hacking off my own fake-ass limbs straight away. I guess Tom just sorta let it go…for no reason? it’s very apparent at this point that Tom hates losing and will go to any lengths not to be told he’s lost. =\

    BUTYES (K)No(w) Evil continues to thrill the homophones overwhelm me every time I cannot wait cannot wait

  5. Jason missed two games in a row? He’s going to get sleeved into a sexbot that’s been rewired to only feel pain.

  6. @crawlkill

    Actually I think the reason he let it go was because he was busy dealing with the fact that he had just caught the Exsurgent virus, and then about 5 minutes later attempting to murder the rest of the party? I mean, it’s not as though there was much time between “Your arms aren’t your arms,” and “Okay, now you’re gonna stab Thad.” Not to be a jerk, but I’m not sure Tom did anything wrong here. (At least, not in this instance. :p)

    That said, this was an awesome episode, and the ending just completely blew me away, amazing job Caleb, I really cannot commend you enough.

    PS: Tom, please let me touch your dice, please.

  7. @crawlkill Yeah, I honestly think Tom just didn’t have much time to react to the Limb Dissociation. Literally within a minute after that he had gone so crazy as to become an NPC

    Anyways excellent game, been looking forward to this one for a while. It lived up to expectations.


  8. ahem…

    Holy F*#king shit!

    The only reason I’m not upset with how the episode ended is because they can just fire up Tom’s backup. This is such an awesome game. I really want Caleb to publish/kickstart this bitch so I can get my hands on it. Or put it in the hands of a GM handles math better than I can.

  9. After re-listening to this one, I’m really looking forward to throwing full-blown exsurgents at the group again. I want to see how those team-members that actually remember what happened react having had a taste of what Firewall really fights against.

    I’m guessing their plan of action will probably have something to do with Bartelby and Antimatter bombs and the term “acceptable losses.”

  10. I really enjoyed the team’s escapades on Miter, but their investigation on the Lunar surface was in-fucking-sane. Very nice job evoking the atmosphere and enforcing the time constraints, Caleb. It ensured the players actually felt the pressure and entered a fight for which they were not fully prepared (which is all too uncommon an occurrence in my experience, unfortunately).

  11. I love these. Keep them coming.

    To echo beej in a comment above. I would happily pay good money to get my hands on a good writeup of this campaign. (As a game writeup, not fiction. Just to make myself clear)

  12. Amazing episode. I loved how Caleb kept everyone moving forward, it was an excellent horror scenario.

    You know what makes for a great comment after an awesome episode? Nitpicking! A called shot, such as on to ignore armor, applies a -10 to the roll AND requires that the result be above 30 (an exceptional success). Based on what I heard of the rolled number, I don’t think it should have gotten through to Tom. And I think we all know what “it” is.

  13. Another great episode.
    The side chatter makes me feel like I’m sitting around the table with my own players, good stuff.
    As a side note: I’m firmly in longer live play podcasts camp. I won’t say that about all podcasts but definetly for the rppr crew.

    Thanks for the top notch entertainment guys.

  14. Caleb’s GM’ing is crazy scary. Both in awesomeness and actual horror. My favorite part of this whole game, though, was the Tac-Net debacle, though in the Eclipse Phase universe between Tac-Net, and Experience Playback it’s virtually inevitable that PC’s will be rolling kinesics for other PC’s interactions.

    I also want to extend my regrets to Tom, as Preston’s great in this session, and Last Session too, I think (correct me if I’m wrong) are only filled in for him by the memories of his team.

  15. Great Moments*

  16. Three words: ROBOT DANCE PARTY!

    Seriously this is one of those campaigns that will further RPPR’s reputation as THE source for amazing AP podcasts.

    Caleb is truly a mad genius and a hell of a GM. Tom, Aaron, Ross and Thad are fully invested in these characters and open to some really entertaining RP moments. I love RPPR’s current line-up although I’ve got say that I miss Cody’s presence and the humor he brought to the table.

    Anyway, keep up the great work guys and get Caleb’s Kickstarter going!

  17. Finished this episode yesterday. Epic! I had been waiting for PC deaths and to see how they are resolved with backups.

    That was a hell of a tough fight. I wonder if Caleb had planned this one with Jason in mind, and didn’t scale the encounter? Yeep. The horror(s)…

  18. Amazing episode & quite a work of mastery at how this one went from both Caleb & all the players with their oddball crew of characters. Sure not going to spoil it for those listening to this in the future but this proves that just about anywhere you go in Eclipse Phase, it’d be handy to have a mechanical member of the crew with you on any mission for two reasons, one being a robot DDR (dance dance robot) party in low gravity & the heroic moment at the end.

    It’s episodes like this & many others on the site as well as the RPPR Phases that must be Eclipsed podcast that sold me into the Eclipse Phase RPG (very easy rules with the d100% system, just a rough time to remember enough of the gear/tech/psionics to not have to look it up all the time)

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