Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 12

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Synopsis: After barely surviving the ordeal in the Cognite bunker near the Somatek facility, the Firewall team must get to their next lead. Unfortunately it’s a Triad held ship in orbit over the moon. As they make arrangements for their ship, the forks left behind on Venus will have to deal with their own problems, with implications that will affect their future operations.  But even after the main crew arranges transportation to the ship, they find one of their past problems coming back to haunt them.

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  1. At work so haven’t listened yet but the file name implied it might have more heroes and less transhumans.

  2. it is in fact Know Evil, just the wrong name cheers guys, am greatly anticipating this one. and am loving the series.

  3. Listened to the intro, can confirm it’s the new EP.

  4. Halfway through and already my love for Aaron’s new roleplaying skills has grown by leaps and bounds.

    Also I love how you can tell everybody played Deus Ex right before doing this session.

  5. awr, I hoped since you were recycling Aaron’s ego anyway that you’d feed him Manjiapahardtospell’s message before you did! I’m so sure you coulda subdued him without wrecking the morph!

  6. God damn. It’s as though every single unresolved plot point and slighted NPC rose up as one, to strike a mighty blow at the players. I thought that the “Holy Shit” level had reached its peak at the Robot Spring, but… wow. Caleb really knows how to turn up the heat. Nicely done!

  7. Daaaaaammmmmit cliffhangerrrrrr

  8. I’m about 2/3 of the way through, and Ross just had the line of the episode:

    Caleb: There are two ways we can do this: either you give your boy up and I take his stack, or I kill all of you and I take his stack anyway.
    Ross: There’s also option C: we fight you, we get you, and I torture your stack for eternity.

    A++ on your banter, Ross Payton. Nice job.

  9. Just a thought but does this count as a situation where Augustine could have fixed immediately?

    I’m still waiting to see what happens when she goes into the wild. You know Caleb’ll take her away sooner or later, so time is running out.

  10. @TMWaH

    These are still the foothills of “Holy Shit.”
    Believe me when I tell you that in future episodes, Caleb dishes out tension in flavors that there aren’t yet names for.

  11. Halfway through the ep, I must have forgotten who this M guy is? Manjapa, from Thought? What’s his deal, I feel like I missed something.

    Love the way Caleb starts stacking problems, though. “We can only deal with so many existential threats at a time!”

  12. Wow, really loved this episode. Caleb did a great job at refreshing past plot threads after the Cognite base and sowing a few seeds to brew dissension among the group.

    Also I’m extremely glad Drew wasn’t there. I hate being an ass, but so far it seems all of his characters end up as an expy of the same smug and overly zany dumbass.

  13. Kudos for Aaron going “You can’t fire me! I quit!” I love Caleb not letting the group forget past choices. I was disappointed we didn’t get to hear more about Ross’s pen of assassins. The deciding on letting the gorilla get overwritten in the tank…hot damn!

    I have to agree, IdaMan summed up the episode quite nicely with his quote.

  14. To stop this, all the characters have to do is to find and enter into discussions with the One who is the cause of the Exsurgent virus…Caleb…

  15. There’s only one accurate summation of this episode.



    Also, everyone had such great lines. Especially Aaron’s little “J’accuse!” moment, and the Ross line mentioned above.

  16. Someone really needs to calm the bot madness down with the lunar hatred with the robotic version of a t-shirt with ‘i love everything on lunar’, maybe some stickers or refrigerator magnets. Fun times in space too, just love the lemon flaw with the random firing of jets which never gets old as people give a speech then randomly flying out a window.

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