RPPR Guest Game: The 13th Age: Gobpocalypse!

I FUCKING LOVE ADVENTURING Message from Ross: A RPPR forum-goer, SageNytell, is a playtester of the new fantasy RPG 13th Age. He recorded 2 playtest sessions of this unreleased game and offered it to us. Given what I’ve read about this game, I thought you all might enjoy a sneak preview of it. Let me know what you all think!

From SageNytell:  In this session, we meet Jerith the Human Cleric (Upon Whose Skin Is Scriven The Name Of God, played by Graz); Merisiel the High Elf Rogue (Of The Most Secretive And Deadly Order of Blind Assassins, played by Craig); and Kitterina the Wood Elf Ranger (Whose Ancestors Are Always Watching, played by Rachel).  Our players battle a gang of desperadoes in a deserted ghost town and engage in a desperate struggle for their lives in Gobpocalypse!  Afterwards, the players and I discuss our feelings on the system as a whole. (Spoilers: I used incorrect flanking rules from 3.5, this is fixed for the second session!)

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  1. this radioplay makes slenderman and zaftigwoman proud :3

  2. Great listening to your group Mike!
    I’m glad for that discussion of the system at the end.
    Looking forward to the next sessions.

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