Role Playing Public Radio presents a weekly actual play podcast of tabletop role playing game sessions. It is run by Ross Payton, a tabletop RPG writer and podcaster.The cast rotates for different games, but our regular players include Caleb Stokes, Aaron Carsten, Tom Church, Maddy Gibbons, and Thaddeus Stoklasa.

We play a wide variety of RPGs, including Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Blades in the Dark, Eclipse Phase, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Heart: The City Beneath, and Monster of the Week. We alternate between full campaigns and one shot adventures.

Check out our Campaign Index to see a list of our completed campaigns.

Check out some of our best one shot adventures.


  1. Great listening!

    Player bios might be cool…

  2. “Some” profanity?! Surely you jest!
    Seriously though, I am really enjoying listening to these, particularly D&D and CoC.

  3. I came for the Eclipse Phase and stated for… everything else, really. Including _Omar Shakti Must Die!_ (which left me in stitches). Please keep up the good work – more Eclipse Phase games would be welcome! Have you considered running any adventures from The Laundry RPG (

  4. These guys have become a weekly staple of mine. I’ve listened to no less than five different actual play rpg podcasts, and if I were to recommend a single one to introduce this hobby to somebody unfamiliar with it and who wanted to know what RPG’s were all about, and I wanted them to understand the hobby in the way I enjoy it myself, it would be RPPR. By a LONGSHOT. I hope they decide to continue doing this for a long time.

  5. Love your site, reminds me of when friends and I would spend weekends roleplaying. Especially love the CTHULHU episodes, always wanted to hear how other players would handle situations. Thanks, and great job.

  6. Thanks for the awesome podcast. I started listening a while ago and immediately got hooked; I particularly enjoy the A Dirty World and CoC episodes. You guys are what get me through the school week, and I can’t thank you enough. Also, seconded about player bios.

  7. I love this podcast. I thought it was funny when Ross noted on the RPPR about how a podcaster forum or something suggested podcasts no longer then one hour but that the RPPR fans eat up 6 hour ones and scream for more, more more! Yeah, that about sums up my feelings 🙂 You guys have helped me loose over 50 lbs this past year as I listen while I hike (through the woods at night so sometimes I get a little freaked out on the CoC ones).

    Keep them coming and keep them long!

  8. Love the site.

    And I, too, support a biographic section with photos of those involved [or simply one group photo, if you prefer].

    Regardless, thanks for everything and keep up the great work!

  9. Hey guys, found you by accident a couple of weeks ago (Google knows everything). Anyway you guys have helped me through tedious workdays since then and have given me a ton of inspiration for my own GM:ing 🙂 My favourite indie fantasy game is transforming into a fantsy/horror game 🙂
    Kind regards one of your listeners from across the pond.

  10. I second the idea of Player bios! Also, do you upload the character sheets used in your campaigns after they are complete somewhere? and if so…. where?

  11. Wow, I got directed here because of the Night’s Black Agents actual play, but I think I’ll stick around. Lots of good stuff here.

  12. This could quite possibly be the best Actual Roleplay podcast out there. Besides the amazing amount of different systems played the entire All Star cast and their crazy play off each other keeps me wanting more. I truly hope they never stop adding content.

    ….and I wish my weekly gaming group was as imaginative as them

  13. I was lured in by Know Evil abd have been addicted ever since. I’m fortunate enough to be able to listen to podcasts all day at work. Know Evil filled many hours and all the rest since. Keep up the great RP guys!

  14. I love your podcast & it is very informative but please tell your players not to eat potato chips so close to their mics. It’s gross & distracting 😉 Thanx

  15. I’ll just say that I recently had to take two 17-hour flights, and the two podcasts I chose to fill up my phone before the flight were this one and Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff. Pretty much says it all right there.

  16. Love these guys would love to see them play the dresden files table top game

  17. Could you guys play Magical Burst, Magical Fury, or the Sailor Moon RPG? You can find Magical Burst and Magical Fury on Yaruki Zero Games. Thanks for the Podcast and thanks for the great laughs!

  18. I’d really like to use a photo (Cold War bunker) I found on your site, it’s for an upcoming album in releasing. Please get in touch. Thanks.

  19. Can I ask where are you guys based out of?

  20. Hey love the podcast guys, haven’t been able to game with my D&D group in a while so this is a good fix. Also shoutout to Cody for the Uncle Buck joke on Slender Man episode 2. Priceless!

  21. Came in for the Upwind initial playthrough during the kickstarter, stayed for other casts like the Mutants and Masterminds. Slightly sad that Hc Svnt Dracones hasn’t come up yet, but the breadth of RPGs covered is quite nice.

  22. I discovered the RPPR podcast recently and am enjoying it immensely! Have listened to a handful of Delta Green and Base Raiders episodes thus far, lots of fun. I am a long time player and GM of RPG’s myself. Keep up the great work!

  23. do you take suggestions on games to review? I played a new Savage worlds setting that has new mechanic that was pretty cool. Would love to hear you guys play it!

  24. So I just watched The Void and figured it might make a good Trail of Cthulhu or even a Delta Green Scenario for you guys. Whatcha think?

  25. Author

    The Void does have potential as a scenario but I would have to invent a lot of back story to make it work as a scenario. It emphasizes the visceral over plot or setting.

  26. Always great stuff – some of my favorite player interactions and really scratches the itch when I cant play games myself..

    Is there anywhere we can make suggestions on games or donate games?
    (you already did Unknown Armies 3 which makes you my favorites ever… eeevveerrr)

  27. The new TLS certificate issued in June didn’t get installed on this server for some reason. The site is still using the expired one. Something went wrong. Same problem on the afterhours.RPPR site.

    Also, are you going to get a certificate for too sometime? Certs and automated renewal are free these days.

  28. Really enjoyed the DCC shows. Any chance of more???

  29. This domain’s TLS cert just expired yesterday even though a newer one was issued, it was never installed. afterhours.RPPR’s cert is still fine for now though.

  30. So I was going through the backlog. I think I am at June 2014! Yay only Five more years to catch up on.!

  31. This could be updated. With all the morally questionable characters “heroes” doesn’t fit as well anymore. And “outrageous plans” include punching a shark, turning a brewery worker into plutonium, having a superpowered Bollywood dance-off, etc.

    I love rppr but the verbage. . .

  32. Hi guys, might you consider uploading these to Youtube? Youtube has more rubust features to keep my place halfway through an episode, which is coming up more often now that I have a more hectic home and work life.

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