RPPR Guest Game: The 13th Age – Blood and Lightning!

PLAYTESTING IS SOO AWESOMEMessage from Ross: This is the second of the guest playtest games. Enjoy!

From SageNytell: In this session, we rejoin Jerith the Human Cleric (Upon Whose Skin Is Scriven The Name Of God) played by Graz; Meri… er, Amber Smith the High Elf Rogue (Of The Most Secretive And Deadly Order of Blind Assassins) played by Craig; and Kitterina the Wood Elf Ranger (Whose Ancestors Are Always Watching) as they travel towards a strange new destination – the mysterious Boltstrike Tower, leyline node of the great and powerful Archmage!  They are joined by the disconcertingly popular Sven the Human Barbarian (Surprisingly Not Actually The Hero of Legend, Go Figure, played by Chris) in a fantastic adventure called Blood and Lightning featuring dungeons, dragons, 50’s Scifi tropes, and lots and lots of Sven puns! Afterwards, the players and I discuss our feelings on the playtest and the system as a whole.

P.S. Escalation Edition Pre-order Announced

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