Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 12

Wayfarer's real superpower is plot convenienceThe Heroes of New Arcadia have learned of an abandoned Ideal base, codenamed TIN CAN. They plan to access it to get crucial intel  and possibly other assets necessary to protect the world from threats like the Collective. Enlisting the aid of Wayfarer, a powerful teleporter, they head to the remote base only to find they aren’t the only ones who thought to raid this base. How will our heroes deal with the other intruders? Who is the man in gray? How much is a claymore mine worth? Find out in this episode of the Heroes of New Arcadia!

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  1. Why is Wayfarer in a Christ-like pose? He’s not The Martyr!

  2. I have been waiting for this episode since you came back, Ross.

    Double-waiting since I started my own WT campaign with some similar themes and ideas to New Arcadia.

    Also, Your tags better not be lying to me this time, Ross. My rage shall blast into the sky and rain down upon you from the sky like the fist of an angry god.

  3. I know right! I was listening to this and had a moment of whoa, we haven’t heard Caleb do Norm since, like, March.

    but my loyalties are clearly fickle because hearing Norm get crippled at the end was fun, too! just keep striding that line between absent and dead and you’ll graduate from Cyclops to Professor X in no time!

  4. When the not-blackwater guys started calling for the Spirit Gun, all I could think was “Shit, they’ve got a spirit detective!”

    I guess the campaign isn’t that anime.

  5. Hmmm, Ross NPC count now at three, and two of them seem to be in Norm’s head.

    Also, the name is already in use but I will still smile if the psychic teenager goes by “Mindfuck.”

  6. This is my new favorite episode of New Arcadia. I’ve listened to it a twice. Although my all time favorite quote from around the role-playing table is “Nuh Uh look.” “No that’s a watch that’s not time.” Comparing each episode to each other though, I have to go with this one.

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