Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 14

Hell is a lot of things but boring isn't one of them. In this double length episode, the Heroes of New Arcadia deal with many challenges. The base of the Martyr’s father, The Samaritan, has been found. But in order to get into the base, one of the heroes decides to make a bargain with a darker power. This begins an odyssey into the lower planes. Meanwhile, the Heroes must deal with Mayhem, a new villain with unusual superpowers and murderous intentions. Finally, the Heroes have to deal with the fact that their base is publicly known and undefended. This leads to a confrontation with enemies the Heroes have not seen before. All this and more!

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  1. Aaron is more Mr. Happy Jetpack than Iron man. It’s great.

  2. Ah, the infamous “Aaron-Goes-To-Hell” episode, as alluded to in the primary podcast. Obligatory conflict between Jason and Aaron’s characters demonstrates how the simplest of disagreements between PCs can quickly escalate. All in all, quite an enjoyable episode.

  3. Is it just me or do Aaron, and Jason hate each other in every game?

    This surely has no basis in real life.

  4. Actually this was all Aaron’s doing. I just played out how an impulsive teenager with rage issues would have responded from the betrayal/theft. In Dark Sun, our character’s alignments and motivations set us at odds. In Eclipse Phase, I figured why not? Aaron and I usually play very different characters. He’s the true blue good guy, and I like playing the anti-hero or darker characters in general. It’s too bad he wasn’t in New World. I played Cassius as fairly good in nature. Just wait for our Iron Heroes characters…they will definitely be at odds because I’m going even darker.

  5. “When the listeners hear this, in 2012”




  6. Man, congrats to Aaron and Jason for some excellent roleplaying in the second half of this episode. Well done, guys. Well done.

  7. fuckin Zdzislaw Beksinski is fantastic.

  8. @Jason, I’m holding out for Tibetan bandit.

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