Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 10

Ironically this prison is still preferred over standard federal prisons. Why? No reality shows are taped here While the Heroes of New Arcadia have defeated the Syndicate, there are still other threats and challenges to overcome. Chirop must work through the legal consequences of his crimes without compromising himself. Even after dealing with that, the heroes learn of a secret prison built with technology from the Ideal. What’s going on? Who is behind this secret base and what does it mean for the rest of the world? Plus, Ross gets to play as new hero Wayfarer.

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  1. This is like the second game I ever ran. The delay is crazy!

  2. @Caleb,

    you need better staff. Get snappin, the Fisher of Men demands it :3

  3. so super cool. I need to electrocute my friends into having imaginations and attention spans so I can actually make these things happen in my own life.

  4. Great Ep! A fitting annual, Jason was really awesome in the beginning of this one. And consequence was pretty cool. A bit more Dark Knight than the regular episodes but it was a good thing. Familiar heroes in a different sort of setting (sorta). Rats off to ya’!

  5. Ross, you had the army dude teleported far away so he could come back extra bitter at the PCs didn’t you?

  6. Nice stuff. I enjoy puzzle scenarios where the players have to actually do some mental work to figure things out.

    Player characters are such curious individuals sometimes. It’s okay for you guys to torture a guy who was semi-responsible for the place but your gonna give him shit for locking up legitimately dangerous meta-humans and criminals without a trial? Seriously, did I hear the KGB agent giving somebody shit for not holding trials?

    I don’t want to say this in a mean way, I just find it hilarious that I’m pretty sure at one point someone proposed locking the guy up in the facility with the other inmates. That would mean you would be expressing your offense at the injustice of locking people up without a trial by locking a guy up without a trial.

    Blows my mind.

  7. This made my day, seriously. I had a great time listening, was honestly interested in what would be revealed, and it’s always a pleasure to hear Ross get to play. The downside: waiting another year for part 2. Seriously? I’d pay a subscription to get two updates of this length a week.

    Special kudos to Tom for staying true to his character during the trial, Thad for coming back as a woman (another female character, Thad? People are gonna talk… I kid), Jason for his portrayal of Tom’s character’s son, Drew for his “face attack,” Ross for giving Tom so many options in the trial sequence and for his comment about prisons in Sanctuary near the end of the Interlude, Caleb for running an awesome game and continuing to expertly act out AI personalities or lack thereof (nothing can beat the Ziggy muse though). And of course Aaron, for finally deciding to kick some ass and almost getting Tom killed. “Slag this!” almost made me cry. Great game, guys.

  8. And yes, EP definitely influenced the ending as well as possibly some stuff along the way, such as our egalitarian goal of not limiting access to these abilities like the Ideal and the government. Or our plans to make New Arcadia self-reliant with a fabber to meet basic needs like food, shelter, etc.

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