RPPR Video: Dread Actual Play


  1. whhh Thad is beautiful


  3. I also, would bone Thad.

  4. Ross Payton I am not comfortable with how creepy you have just rendered me but thank you sir thank you

  5. Bravo…


    Happy April Fools Day.

  6. Fantastic work guys!

  7. That was awesome guys.

  8. Now that I have seen the moving bodies behind the voices, the veil has been pierced. You are all human to me now.

  9. *Slow claps*

    Bravo, good sirs. Bravo.

  10. Isn’t this the “undetermined killer” scenario? Love that one. God damn Dread is an awesome system. I’ve played through just about all of the scenarios in the book and run a few. So good.

  11. *should be books, not book, because I’ve played/run like 8 of them. but yeah, there aren’t enough scenarios in the world for this game. it owns.

  12. hahahaha aaron is freaking the hell out and it is the best thing.

  13. The Funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.

  14. 1. Awesome
    2. Loved the music
    3. The dragon killimg zombies needs to be animated
    4. Am I the only one disappointed that Tom turned out to be a blonde?

  15. This video(like everything about it) not only makes me just a little prouder to have kicked some money into the Killsplosion ransom for the camera, and it helped salvage one of the worst days I’ve had in recent memory. I cannot remember the last time I laughed that hard.


  16. Brilliantly funny as usual guys! Also, I’ll be showing this vid to my Video/T.V. Production class.

  17. Glorious. That camera has already paid for itself!

  18. Utterly astounding. And that’s just the title card.

  19. Oh Thad you’re so beautiful

  20. Finally I can see what you guys look like!
    except for ross.
    Thad is the most normal looking of you all lol, he is totally out of your league!

  21. Great stuff, as usual. What a hoot. Especially the blueberry pancakes.

  22. What the hell is wrong with you, Ross?

  23. If you want to know what ross looks like, you must come to Gen Con! You should go to GenCon. It rocks.

  24. I’d also bone Thad, but I’m saving myself for Cody.

  25. I confess: I totally pitched a tent when I saw how beautiful Thad is.

    No… Seriously….

    Awesome short. That needs to be on Vimeo. And it totally validates whatever I spent on the Kickstarter. Can’t wait for more videos from the inhuman monster called Ross Payton.

    Tom and Aaron are so much awesomer on video than they are in my mind!

  26. “We are so hadrcore!”
    – Indeed so, most indeededly

  27. *slow clap* That was a brilliant short, and its cool seeing everyone for once.

    And I’m willing to bet those blueberry pancakes were delicious.

  28. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m scared. I’ve put together expected images of the RPPR crew in my mind over countless APs, and now I’m likely to be proven wrong on every account.

  29. oh wow, such an awesome and fun video — how many takes did this take?

    @Scurvy: Thad is the only one that matched up with my conception — my mental image of Tom was based on his ‘Clerks’ gaming persona

  30. @Scurvy: To be fair, you only get to see Aaron, Thad, and Tom. But yeah, I had totally different conceptions of all three.

    Thad kind of reminds me of the guy from Burn Notice.

  31. Author

    @mrlr eh?

    @MKS we did this in 2 takes, one for each cut.

    Also, you can see a picture of me in my book, Zombies of the World (in the print edition) so maybe all of you should buy it!

  32. Hey, hey fellas! It takes a lot of cojones to put your face out there on the internet.

    Tom, Thad and Aaron should be commended for doing just that. Awesome video if I didn’t say it before.

  33. Thad when you’re a spy…

  34. Everyone looked like how I expected them to look except Tom. Who I was expecting a more angular face.
    But yeah funny

  35. Greatest actual play ever.

  36. Idk what you guys are saying Tom is just like I thought he would be… A lizard man!!!

    Great job.

  37. Why is Aaron so adorable he’s like a puppy, it just is not what you expect.
    Tom looks like I expected with less hair. Everyone else looks how one would expect or at least I did

    So is Tom a Lizardman Vampier Hybrid? Or a Were Lizardman?

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