Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Imperium Maledictum: The Endius Mandate – Episode 9

At long last, the agents now know the secret behind the Endius Mandate. A xenos artifact capable of reshaping the entire Imperium is at hand, but they aren’t the only ones after it. Even if the agents can prevent their rivals from acquiring the artifact, do they even want their patron to own it? Some power is too much for any mortal. Witness the end of the Endius Mandate!

Group portrait by Vee from Queen’s Court Games. Thanks!

Vee as Rabbit, voidborn guard savant, – Check out Queen’s Court Games
Noah as Khurt Neksilp, imperial guard – Listen to Thinking Too Hard About Anime
Thad as The Harrow, voidborn mystic psyker
Kara as Lim the null hiveborn blank zealot

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  1. That was a great ending to the campaign. I eagerly await the future adventures of ablative lads.

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