Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 7

He'd fit right in with the other player characters In this episode, the heroes must stop the Syndicate’s latest plot to destabilize the state! Fortunately, they have a new ally as guest player RJ joins the band in one session. In the second half, the Syndicate takes action against the heroes. Find out how in this episode!

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  1. the infamous aRJument! not as painful to listen to as I’d been afraid it might be. sometimes I wonder if I sound like RJ when I go into needlessly argumentative gay mode.

    other than that yaaay the metaplot is on the move I fully approve and Thad makes me happier with every episode

  2. Oh my god the semantics. THE SEMANTICS!

  3. I find it especially humorous that right after my own Wild Talents game descended into madness this game gets posted. It’s like hearing the echoes of my own group through time and an electronic device.

    Arje, a M&M player knows better. A Will Save for a Fear Check is a Will Save. If you didn’t put any points into Will than you take your lumps. The Fearless feat or Immunity Fear, it’s easy, but you don’t get it for free just because of your backstory.

  4. A little after the fact I know, but wouldn’t the dampener serum be defined as restraint rather than Punishment? Not being a law expertiser (yay Tyler) but doesn’t that rule out Haebeus corpus? I mean Law officers use Tasers and that doesn’t wear off immediately.

  5. That depends on which effects of the Taser you’re talking about. One of the reasons a Taser works so well is that it interferes with the body’s ability to control its muscles by mimicking its electrical impulses. While the Taser is activated, and its attached to a large muscle group with proper probe spread, it becomes difficult to activate that muscle group. It’s not impossible though, since the Taser acts more as interference than a complete block. Individuals can still move and pull out the probes attached to them to stop the current, just not really quickly. It also works on another level, since it hurts. A lot. But that pain can also be pushed through, and individuals can still continue resisting through the application of a Taser.

    So, during a cycle of a closed circuit Taser activation with proper probe spread on a large muscle group, an individual stiffens, has difficulty moving, and feels pain. Once the cycle stops, those three effects stop as well. The individual well be left with a dread from the incapacitation, but the pain will be gone and the muscle groups can move again without interference. Without a current, the only lasting effect would be the probes still attached to the body.

    I’ve been Tased for a full five-second electric ride, and it hurts. I could still think, hear, and move, but movement became a task that required a lot of effort for diminished returns. Once the current was stopped, I immediately regained full control of my body and no longer felt the pain from the applied current. The only thing that remained with me was that I did not want to be Tased again. I also had OC spray applied to my face on the same day, and that stuff remained with me the entire day.

    Long story short, the main effects from Tasers wear off immediately after deployment.

  6. RJ definitely has a way of hijacking game sessions. It happened in Candle Cove, it happened in the New World, and it seemed inevitable that it would happen here. At least it went down at the very end, instead of midway through. That would have turned into a bloodbath. (“Have at you, Esteban!” *splat*)

    On the other hand, kudos to him for being so dedicated to character, I guess?

  7. Fun episodes, but yea, I was getting annoyed at listening to RJ argue needlessly

  8. So, y’all may get tired of hearing me say this, but I am still really loving this series. I have an absolute blast listening to these episodes, and they go a very long way towards making my daily drives to work fun rather than a drag. Please keep these coming! I hope there will be plenty more where this came from.

    This episode was particularly neat because of everything that happened to poor Tom. Ha, I was wondering if his habit of using his son (and thereby the FBI) as a blunt instrument might ever backfire, and it looks like it finally came back to bite him. That whole bit was really interesting, and Ross’ handling of it was very cool in terms of how to manage consequences that leave a player sidelined. Kudos to Tom for taking his medicine like a man….bat….what-have-you.

    Let me add my voice to the chorus that loves Thad’s character and everything he brings to these games. He’s quickly become one of my favorites. Also, it was nice to see something go relatively smoothly, in the drug altercation. Ha, what a change of pace! Oh, and I’m really enjoying the journey that the Heroes are taking toward becoming a real super team. Here’s hoping the group will continue their evolution, and the cool interplay between their actions and their environment will continue.

    Thanks so much for making this available for all of us!

  9. Well well well, if it isn’t my immersion being broken. Nahhh. Arje read the rules enough to know about getting willpower on 10s, but not enough to read what stability rolls are. 😛 I’m sure he’s gotten over it by now, but his complaints against the system are a little weak. ESPECIALLY if he likes M&M.

    I’m not entirely sure about this episode, but it is a good thing that Tom took going to prison well, and there is a new great NPC! I look forward to the trial, and the FIGHT!

  10. It’s funny to see a lot of this rehashed essentially months after we have put it to bed.

    We had more conversations about it, and essentially what it boiled down to was i didn’t have a full understanding of the rules and etc yadda yadda yadda…

    not my best moment.

    anywho thanks for listening.

  11. Still waiting on that “Waffle Wars” one-shot Ross. Possible Base Raiders game? Just sayin’


  12. Still waiting on that “Waffle Wars” one-shot Ross. Possible Base Raiders game? Maybe even a supplement? Just sayin’.


  13. Author

    Uh, maybe? Can you explain more? I don’t remember the details of that one.

  14. @Ross Payton, when the gang keeps mentioning going to a Waffle house (think it’s brought up elsewhere in other games), you are quite adamant that waffle house were all destroyed in the great waffle wars. And then you comment on making a scenario to chronicle those events.

    I had meant my comment partially as a joke while re-listening to the campaign and I remember finding the idea of this waffle war game sounding like a fun idea.

    I may also be using the idea as a jumping off point for designing my own scenario currently.

  15. Specifically, in episode 4, 0:23:16

    Ross: How about Nighthawks Diner in an hour?
    Tom: There needs to be a Waffle House. Can we meet at a Waffle House?
    Ross: No, there’s no such Waffle House. It’s an alternate universe. They were wiped out when they threatened all of existence. The great Waffle House goo swarm, you know. Nanotechnology and waffles do not mix!
    Aaron: They tried to use a fabricator at one point and it went horribly wrong…
    Drew: If I had to choose between nanotech and waffles…that’s something i’d have to think about.

    Then this episode, 0:04:50
    Ross: So, at the alley behind Nighthawks–
    Tom: It’s a Waffle House, Ross! It’s a Waffle House!
    Ross: No, Waffle Houses were destroyed in the Great Waffle Wars of 1986, it’s established by canon.
    RJ: It’s gonna be on the forums, you just wait.
    Caleb: I’m gonna run a oneshot: The Waffle Wars.
    Drew: No, it’s the Great Fast Food Wars from Scud universe.
    RJ: IHOP was not involved. They, like Switzerland, provided aid to both sides.
    Ross: Exactly.

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