Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 9

LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO US GREG!The final battle between the Syndicate and the Heroes of New Arcadia begins! Deep in the Ideal Particle Collider known as Big Wheel, the heroes and their allies must fight a group of trained and dangerous superhumans, led by a powerful telepathic super-scientist known as Paragon. The heroes have cornered their foes and no quarter will be given to either side. This epic battle had 17 combatants (6 PCs, 5 NPC allies and 6 NPC villains) and lasted two entire sessions. Enjoy this double length episode and finale of the street level tier of the campaign!

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  1. thanks for making my friday

  2. I never thought this day would come.

  3. Great picture selection for this episode, Ross!


  5. Wow. That was the most intense, silent, deadly five minutes of combat ever.

  6. ghost robot nooo no ghost robot return to me

    that was awesome though. such a clusterfuck. Ross, you have a keen and organized mind. I fuck up running combats with four PCs and one mob, heh. I think I stand with Caleb that it woulda been way cooler if they coulda gotten hold of the base, upgraded their home setpiece for tier two. like taking down that boss that’s supposed to storyline-kill you in a JRPG and getting his badass sword when he runs away. but maybe they’ll still pull it off? season twooo!

  7. Oh, Ross. The “trap incorporeal beings within a hyperdimensional omnipresent box” trick.

    That old chestnut.


    This episode was amazing, I can’t wait to see how the other heroes deal with their comrade’s deaths.

  9. wow, this was like Wild Talents 4th edition D&D, otherwise known as ‘Bridge’ (the card game) :3

    i’m always amazed when i come across GMs who can juggle so many different characters/cohesive sets of statistics and who can predetermine how these characters are going to act, juggling player enjoyment with “ok, this NPC is really smart and has had time to plan….”

  10. Yeah, that was well worth the wait.

    Pretty much went as I expected although I was thinking to myself “Noooooo ghost robot nooooooooooo!”

    Awesome AP guys and an instant classic!

  11. Yay! This was great. I kept my ears peeled for Tom’s entrance.

    This was a really great combat to listen to, it didn’t feel like it dragged on from listening to it. It was a shame so many bothans died to bring us the information.

    Yay 2nd tier! Looking forward to the aftermath.

  12. As much as this was an epic fight, I must admit I had really been pulling for the players to come down on the other side of this particular issue. Oh well.

  13. WTF Drew? How the hell could you just kill Robo Ghost like that? It sounded like he only needed 1 more round to get his powers back online and slip away. Anyone else think Drew cheats on his rolls? Seriously, seems like he rolls way more than 10 dice per round and gets a uncanny amount of lucky matches.

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