Reign: Nagalisitu – Episode 14

The Hunting Pack’s journey is nearly over, but their work is not yet done. They still must deal with the undying being they created to monitor Nagalisitu while they were gone. Even if they survive dealing with her, can they survive the merger of worlds? The nation state of Nagalisitu will physically overtake a region of the main world. But even if they live through that, they must live with themselves. They have affected countless lives over many generations in both Nagalisitu and the main world. The civilization they have started is already nearly incomprehensible to them and they have alienated themselves from their homelands. Find out the ultimate destiny for each of the remaining pack members in the campaign finale!

Special thanks to Patsy McDowell for the art!

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  1. Well, I am sold on the book when its made. Hell, I might even be willing to pay international shipping charges to get it.

  2. I think this is my favorite RPPR campaign to date. I really like how the PC’s make their own problems (and not just with their choices for Nagalisitu). I enjoy Caleb DM’d games the most, I think, because he’s just so gleefully calamitous.

    Are there any plans to return to this world with Nagalisitu as the villains maybe? I think that could be entertaining, but I imagine you guys probably just want to move on to new stuff at this point.

    Thanks for another thoroughly enjoyable Actual Play.

  3. Paul don’t talk about international shipping, you’ll scare Caleb.

  4. Man, I feel like Caleb was chafing at the lack of san checks.

    Also a really good campaign, thanks for that.

  5. I really enjoyed this game too. Its odd to have a game end that doesn’t have a boss fight or something else combaty at the end, instead this was simply the introduction of the civilization.

    I do wish we could’ve spent more time in an epilogue with the characters. We’ve grown attached to these characters, and to just say “I’m going away” is so incomplete. That’s my one complaint here, that it was just the end and nothing more.

    Still a wonderfully designed game.

  6. There’s an extra foot in the drawing!

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