Reign: Nagalisitu – Episode 3

The Hunting Pack must unite the tribes of Nagalisitu if they wish to bring them the benefits of civilization and education. It will take a mixture of diplomacy, intrigue, and violence to win them over. Slaying some of the mighty leech cats may impress one of the tribes, but that’s a big IF.

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  1. GY!BE

  2. I don’t know if the players ever chose to do this, but it seems like a perfect opportunity to go “we spend a year inside Nagalisitu training them on X and Y”. I’m sure it’d still go horribly wrong (yay caleb!), but stuff like passing on skills and such is a function of time, and inside you have all the time you need.

    Great episode though, I like that everyone is working at getting their non-standard abilities into play. Also I think Ross has a view of architects that is like the Indiana Jones version of archaeologists, between this and red markets. Combat Architect? It is great, whatever it is.

  3. At one point, the crew does stay in the portal for a bit. It…um…it could have gone worse, but time sort of gets away from you in there.

  4. I feel like “It could have gone worse” would be a good motto for most groups.

  5. EZ Bake time tunnel. heh

    Man, I was grimacing at what would happen when the pack was talking about giving horses AND weaponry to one tribe! Shoes FTW!

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