Delta Green: The Book Club

A bank is robbed in Los Angeles but it seems to defy all logic. Safe deposit boxes were sawed open but the vault itself was not breached. The door remained closed the entire night. When FBI investigators start to examine the mystery, they find the victim and suspect were both members of an unusual book club.

This scenario was written as part of the 2018 Shotgun Scenario Contest. You can read the entry here.

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  1. Worst investigation ever. David’s whining made me stop listening.

  2. I enjoyed it. It’s always fun to recruit scenarios. I think some more san loss would have worked out well, though. Not to ruin characters too fast, but just toeing that line. I think seeing the world behind the mundane would be difficult to cope with.

  3. I thought all the players were great in this. It can be hard to role play characters who don’t know what’s going on, especially after you play so many Cthulhu games.

  4. Kelsey Kerrigan

    You guys obviously have some preconceived notions on what sort of stuff people in LA believe in, and as someone who has lived in southern CA all of his life, I just want to let you know that you are spot on. People here are fucking crazy.

  5. Evan Shelton

    Great scenario, even if the guys kinda bungled it. Haha
    I would love to hear the Brazilian followup!

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