Delta Green: Bestow

A group of untested agents have been asked to assist a rare book dealer who appears to be suffering from a mental breakdown. However, the dealer has fled into the Coxeter Museum, a small art museum and gallery. When the team enters the building, it quickly becomes apparent that the building’s interior is unlike any other structure they have ever encountered. It is a maze beyond their wildest imagination. Is escape even possible?

This scenario was an entry in the 2016 Shotgun Scenario contest. The map to the museum can be seen here. I also added another shotgun scenario, Unfriendly by Bret Kramer, as a hook to get the PCs into the museum.

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  1. Yes! I was literally just wondering if Vanilla David would ever reappear. So much for starting on Know Evil.

  2. Ross! I’ve been waiting for this one! I hoped you would run it before i ran it for my players. Can’t wait to listen to this.

  3. Author

    Yeah, I’ve wanted to record a run of this since I wrote it. Also, special thanks to Bill for coming up with the idea and using it in episode 11 of the Armitage Files so brilliantly.

  4. That was a fun listen. Always love me some DG.

  5. Hypercube week is one of the best weeks in the RPPR ca lender.

  6. Hypercubes, so fun, so confusing. I think someone set a D&D dungeon in one before.

  7. Crystal David! He really is the wild card in every game he’s in. It was fun hearing him again.

    Kudos to Bill for the idea and to Ross for running it well. It’s simple and elegant. Curious to listen to it in Armitage.

  8. Probably one of the best DG scenarios I’ve listened too. Love the hypercube and how hunger and thirst became an element in the game. It’s rare for me to see that used so well in a game.

  9. Hey Ross, I’m the guy who programmed the 800 Delta Green Victims. I can’t tell you how awesome it was to hear them in actual play! My daughter and I are big fans of RPPR and she told me last night that they got mentioned. Please let me know if you have any requests for future versions.

    Reddit thread (with even more victims):

    Python Source Code on Github:

  10. Author

    Awesome work Jim! I would like to request bookmarks for the PDF so I can quickly go to every occupation.

  11. Great episode! The Return of Crystal David was a triumphant thing. Ending up as a memory/personality in the brain of a confused serpent person is a noble Delta Green fate.

    Awesome concept by Bill.

    Also: Tom gives a monster the benefit of the doubt. Caleb fanatically pursues the solution to the plot. Shaun freaks out and starts babbling. Check off those RPPR Bingo Squares!

  12. Can’t wait to listen to this one. I just played through an expanded version a little while back, run by another RPPR listener. It was… fantastic.

  13. I added some colour coding and scenario specific room labels to the supplied map. I found it easier to use, and far less page turning once the initial room descriptions have been read to players.

    Feel free to use it too:

  14. Oh man, this one was cool. Props to Bill for the idea and Ross for this particular session; both are phenomenally good.

    The characters were fun too, but I think perhaps if you have to ask if you’re jumping into the combine again, you already know the answer. But Crystal David is great fun for exactly that reason, I hope he gets to play some more.

    Thanks, too, to the previous commenters for making up references to help run this more smoothly.

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