Delta Green: Under New Management

A call in the dead of night to go to an office park a two-hour drive away. It is an emergency. When the team assembles, a woman who smells of smoke and death, hastily tells them the job.

“We need you to pose as the new management team of the local office of McPherson Logistics Solutions, which as far as anyone knows, is an international shipping company. They were led by a group of hostiles. They’re gone now, thanks to us…There’s a basement. It is dangerous. It must be secured. We have a keycard that works for the front door. That’s all we can offer.”

This was my entry in the 2017 Delta Green Shotgun Scenario contest.

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  1. Shawn: Looks over shoulder at the Basement door, barricaded by all manner of Filing cabinets and office drawers… “I’ll be fine.”

  2. Repeated thought during the first hour of this session: “Wow, Ross is taking this like a champ!” Kudos to the Handler for keeping his cool and managing that clusterfuck!

  3. Really enjoyed this scenario. It really demonstrates how the PCs are their main enemy, and not the opposition that the GM provides.

  4. Hey Ross,

    I would be happy to add ‘Damage Bonus’ to the pregen pack for you guys. Per page 55 of the Agents handbook, right? I came up with;

    damage bonus = (((strength – 1) >> 2) – 2)

    Great episode — and you’re right, as a listener the crit fails were hilarious.

  5. The Temp was the only staff member to double check? Fun listen but it was a little odd with the random seeming penalties and all the rolling. Ross really seemed to pile on the problems ‘Beep this mail box is full’ and lead them in certain directions.

  6. Wow, that went downhill -fast-, well done team.

  7. #1 God that’s the first time I have ever heard Tom fail soooo much.

    #2 I know it’s been said, & I think it’s hilarious, but Ross as a GM you trully ARE a Monster! Hahahaha, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    #3 Jesus, it started like a simple job & just crashed fast

  8. Hey, Ross I forgot to add this.
    This scenario really reminded me of a couple of Novels I read. I’m not sure about your book taste, but if you really want some Awesome ideas for a future Delta Green scenario give these to books a read.
    Dean Koontz “Fear Nothing” & “Seize the night”

    This scenario reminded me a lot of those Novels

  9. There’s nothing more beautiful than a Delta Green game with multiple consecutive crit fails.

  10. Tom Church everyone! Totally not how I imagined the scenario after reading it at Fairfield but all the more fun for it.

    After reading the handler’s guide, I feel that the RPPR version of DG mixes elements of The Programme with the mentality of the Cowboys (as described in the book), with the whole scorched-earth approach. Which I like, as I think it means the Cowboys in this version are even more paranoid, trigger happy and destructive.

    Which ties into my other thought; Agent Grant had the right idea…

  11. Only about halfway through, the crit fails were great. Players making bad choices and the dice punishing them is kind of hilarious.

    The start was kind of weird, the PCs were slipping back and forth between “agent in the know” and “works with DG but doesn’t know anything extra”. I think maybe the players weren’t clear on the level of knowledge they should be operating on, which made a sort of weird disconnect.

  12. “Im just doing what the ghost man with the shotgun told me!”
    “And that was a choice”

    Great episode as always, keep up the good work you guys.

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