Delta Green: Operation FOREST STOWAGE

A so-called ‘biohacker’ in Florida is conducting suspicious research in Florida. Delta Green has activated a team of agents to go undercover as potential financial investors in the biohacker’s company. It was supposed to be a relatively safe mission, just a meeting or two, in a public office space. When the team awakens in a strange place they don’t recognize, they know things have gone wrong.

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  1. Delta Green the staple food for RPPR. And tasty it is too!

  2. Stowage: a pwace to stoww goods

  3. If I had a semblance of drawing skill I would be sketching Agent Gator – Delta Green’s most valuable Floridian asset.

  4. *SPOILER*
    I really like the idea of this as a two part, where you switch over to the originals after murdering / forcing the clones to leave forever (Or even before, maybe establish the way the clones will approach the warehouse, then switch over to the ambush from the originals’ point of view) – I mean, there’s still stuff for DG to investigate, and the antagonist is still out there, you can’t let a little thing like a few clones get in the way of the ultimate goal.
    Bonus points if the clones drop one or more of the originals and an original needs to be replaced.

  5. *SPOILER*
    @Stephen O: Wasn’t the antagonist, like super dead? Like severed head-in-a-cooler, we-took-a-picture-like-it-was-a-safari dead? (great opsec BTW)

  6. Heh, brilliant game, brilliant playing by all.

    When the agents started noticing that their bodies were sloppily wrong, I was half-expecting someone to ask if they were still circumcised.

  7. @Brother
    In the after-game Ross talked about how there were multiple clones of him around, and during the game that noted that the decapitated head had a milky white blind eye, which hadn’t been present when they met with him. I’d say they got the original and potentially the source of the clones (the pool), but I’m sure you could make a game out of cleaning up the loose ends.
    I just really liked the idea of having to deal with the fall out of the fake “yous” rather than just closing it out there.

  8. To be honest, this went EXACTLY how an RPPR Delta green game would have gone!
    Spiraling into a chaotic mess of uncertainty ending with a Fight between each other.

    But what I’m surprised MOST by & found trully SHOCKING….is Aaron being placed in a Situation & given reason to Burn something and NOT setting a building on fire!!!

  9. Author

    I’ll have to look into what AI specifically adds to biohacking but it’s certainly something else to consider.

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