Magical Fury: Dagashi – Episode 2 – Hot

As they start to understand the sheer scale of the looming presence known as “The Beast,” the magical girls are starting to become more comfortable with their powers. Unfortunately, their battles demand all their time and energy, leaving almost no room for personal relationships. As friendships blossom into something deeper, family bonds are tested, and one magical girl makes an incredible sacrifice.

Sound effects added by Dario:

Slaking-97 “Fairytale Harp Chimes” <>

sirkoto51 “Anime Encounter Loop 1” <>

sirkoto51 “Castle Music Loop1” <>

sirkoto51 “Anime Encounter Loop 3” <>

sirkoto51 “RPG Battle Loop 1” <>

uso-sketch “Sakura” <>

cylon8472 “Cthulhu Growl” <>

sirkoto51 “Boss Battle Loop 1” <>

zagi2 “Koto and Shamisen Loop” <>

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  1. I absolutely adore this series! The chemistry between the players & GM is great and I love the plot they weave together. I can’t wait to hear what happens next!

  2. Wasn’t sure at first but I really enjoyed this. The combat was spectacular though I admit I’ve still not 100% sure how damage works, the G.M was brilliant and the players seemed to really love playing their characters with their crazy powers but the highlight has got to be all this darn sexual tension, its like a soap opera with, well crazy Magic girls. 10/10

  3. Loving this, love the tension, but what really makes me grin is when the music starts playing–what an inspired idea!

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