Magical Fury: Dagashi – Episode 3 – Bitterness

Panic is slowly building in the city as the destruction surrounding the magical girls takes its toll. As battles that once were confined to time-stopped arenas spills out into the real world, our heroes can’t quite find a chance to breathe. Reeling from the disastrous consequences of pushing themselves to the limit, the magical girls struggle to hold together their mangled physical forms. Will the growing conflict bring the three women together, or become a wedge that drives them apart? Forget about stopping “The Beast” — will they even live long enough to see the start of the final battle?

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  1. I’m loving the drama and gradual collapse of the characters, but I’m terrified that this is all going to end tragically.

  2. We need more Bridget games.

  3. I’m tearing up here with that eye swap.

  4. When people were talking about how this was all going to have a happy ending “just like your favorite anime”, I was thinking about that classic anime happy ending, Blue Gender.

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