Magical Fury: Dagashi – Episode 1 – Sweet

Welcome to the beginning of Bridget’s Magical Fury campaign!

A group of women blow off steam at a regular meeting of their Gunpla club, when mysterious supernatural forces drag them into a centuries-old conflict. Armed with the power of magical girls, Sweet Valkyrie, Caramel Knight, Strawberry Rider and Marshmallow Caster fight for their lives against terrifying creatures that are not from this world. Can they uncover the source of this evil and drive back the threat? Or will they be consumed by the destructive force known only as “The Beast?”

Sound effects added by Dario. They are:

Slaking-97 “Fairytale Harp Chimes” <>

Martats “Fountain” <>

sirkoto51 “Anime Encounter Loop 3” <>

sirkoto51 “Castle Music Loop1” <>

alvinwhatup2 “Spy-Music” <>

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  1. A Magical Fury Campaign! Oh man, this just made my whole month!

  2. Not familiar with this game system but excited to have more Bridget! I look forward to listening to this on the job tomorrow.

  3. You had me at “gunpla”

  4. I am very excited for this and well what better way to say it then this looks like its going to be a lovely and fun little thing doubly so with such a interesting cast for the setup.

  5. The way Dario frantically said “I’ll feed you information through the discord!” made me laugh so hard.

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