Slasher Flick: Emperor of the North

In the grim dark Mega Depression, there are only trains and hobos who ride them. A murderous train conductor kills any hobo he finds on his train, but a motley crew of rail riders is determined to get to the end of the line. As they die one by one from Emperor Shack’s hammers, chains, and other instruments of death, can one survive long enough to claim the crown?

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  1. Slasher Flick games are quickly becoming my favorite games to listen to.

  2. Great hobo fun – for more train hopping goodness, people should check out Rock Candy Mountain from Image Comics. A hobo kick boxes the Devil! The hobo mafia rides the rails, demanding tribute from all. And more!

  3. “Some say he turned into a ghost and flew to the moon! Others say he was beaten to death.”

  4. I believe I’ve found the climactic theme to this game. Deja vu, but played slowly on a music box. YouTube it. Fits perfectly.

  5. I kept thinking the conductor was Shaquille O’Neal, due to you calling him ‘Shack’. Which made the mental imagery that much more interesting.

  6. wow that told like 80% of the story there in that summary.

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