Call of Cthulhu 7E: Reign of Terror – Part 1

A time of struggle, intrigue, and horror. A divided country, where the upper class enjoys the bounty of wealth, and the poor cannot afford a loaf of bread. Where the cries of anger and rage at life’s injustices find momentum, sparking the people to unite and cast away the old regime for a brighter and more hopeful tomorrow. Amid the stirrings of the revolution, sees a group of soldiers descend into the catacombs of Paris and brave the tribulations of courtly life, where debauchery and wickedness bring their own terrors.

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  1. Hey, it’s Fenolik back in his heyday.

  2. So many amazing lines! I love it, can’t wait for part two!

  3. Is that Fenolik from Orient Express

  4. I would have had so much fun with this.

  5. Author

    @Will – the very same! There’s a section in the book about using this scenario with Horror on the Orient Express, if you want.

  6. Lots of fun listening to this, being surprised by Fenalik’s appearance and remembering what he was up to as I GM’d Horror on the Orient Express many years ago.

    In our campaign, I had started throwing in some Unknown Armies magic – we found ourselves enjoying the pulp style more and I wanted to give the PCs more power as they went insane. When Fenalik decided to kill them, the PCs ended up barricading themselves in the dinner car. The Dipsomancer managed to melt silver into a bullet, which a mechanically inclined PC then managed to make into something that could be fired with a revolver. The Dipsomancer player aimed at Fenalik’s heart for a significant negative modifier, and rolled a 01. I just had to let the vampire explode – needless to say there was much rejoicing. One of my fondest RPG memories 🙂

  7. After a little over two years of monthly play, my gaming group just finished Horror on the Orient Express in March. After listening to this podcast, I impulse bought Reign of Terror and ran this part for everyone as my (the GM) birthday gift. When we got to the big reveal of who they were dealing with, there was lots of real life player sanity loss. Absolutely fantastic and a great way to celebrate a birthday. Looking forward to many more podcasts from all of you!

  8. @Axel That is pretty amazing.
    @Katherine K. Seeing the look on players’ faces during moments like that is the best birthday gift.

    Great session and excellent performances by all. This one managed to be both hilarious (accents and research) and creepy by turns.

    I thought the scenario did a great job building around the history without taking away from it. I didn’t realize that it tied in with the Horror on the Orient Express until I checked the comments – that’s a nice nod. Ross ran it well, too – the parts in Fenalik’s mansion felt perfect for a French aristocrat who happens to be a vampire.

  9. Currently listening to part 2! I’m surprised how much I like the historical CoC games.

    The accents! It’s like I’m in France! *cough*

  10. As soon as I heard Renee talking about rallying the seamstresses, I immediately thought, “Freedom! Truth! Justice! Reasonably-priced love! And a hard-boiled egg!”

    Was that an intentional reference, though, or just an amusing coincidence?

  11. @Autumn, It wasn’t an intentional Discworld reference, but I have a very vauge memory of reading a book from the pov of a seamstress just before and during the French Revolution that I was thinking of when I said it…. No clue what that book was though.

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