Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 20

The Stars, the final destination?In this episode of Know Evil, the Firewall team draws close to an end of its time on the scum swarm but there is much work yet to be done. Existential threats, war criminals, and the swarm’s leaders all threaten the team’s operation. Furthermore, each member of the team is personally challenged by their own choices. How much more can they compromise to make sure their mission is a success? As they face the monsters that lurk in the shadows, can these isolated Firewall agents be sure that they haven’t been corrupted as well? Perhaps by taking down a threat to all of transhumanity, they can redeem themselves. Or not. Find out what the threat is and if it is stopped in this episode!

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  1. Woo, awesome episode! Scum Tier produced some great episodes. I think it’s my favourite tier yet.

  2. I can wait to see all the exciting flavors of SAIROC. There’s freefall SAIROC, Hacker SAIROC, Urban Pacification SAIROC… It’ll be a blast, I’m sure.

  3. The real tragedy is that we can’t sell his body after we kill him. Oh Ross, never change, I for one think Bartleby would be even better decked out in dead birds of every species.

  4. Ah! I listened to it too quickly! Now I got nothin’ to keep from getting the shakes. I need another hit! Seriously though, just keeps getting better and better (Or should I say worse and worse for the PCs).

  5. I was advised at the start that ny erection if lasting more then 4 hrs to see a doctor… my doctor prescribed more Thad atleast 3 times a week, soooo you gotta give me new pod cast 3 times a week!!!!

  6. Dammit, I thought I told doctors to stop prescribing me as a way to prevent erections.

    My CV is weird enough as it is.

  7. One of my favorite opening to a RPPR AP. Stupid sexy Thad XD

    Surprised the end to the Akaja plot played out like that, but I guess in the immortal future time is different. She could wait a very long time indeed.

  8. hahah we were totally creepy at Thad, weren’t we? we can’t help it! pretty nerds are a scarce resource!

    I still find the mechanics of Akaja kind of confusing, but maybe I just missed a writeup somewhere. and the museshare hack seems like a huuuge security fault if it’s something that just happens rather’n something you have to click accept on. but I guess sometimes you gotta suspend IT in the name of drama. SOMETIMES.

  9. You have to keep in mind that Akaja was also a super hacker, all of them.

  10. yeah, but nobody freaked out. I’da freaked.

  11. One thing to keep in mind is that Eclipse Phase has basically two taboos kiddy porn because of our culture and muse hacking because of how there culture works. The idea of hacking some ones muse is so abhorrent that most people don’t even think of the potability of it. Just remember that PC are always the societies sociopaths even with sociopaths are the norm.

  12. I actually liked the Akaja plot thread conclusion. Ambiguous, for sure. What’s the chances one of the stacks will be found and used? Pretty low, but what are the chances of a fictional character coming to life? 🙂

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