Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 22

Quoth - Xeno expert and newly recruited Firewall AgentThe Earth Tier begins with a bang! The Firewall team moves in to finally meet with agents of Manjappa, the mastermind behind Know Evil, at the Hotel California, one of the most dangerous and chaotic habitats in the system. The agents pick up a new agent, Quoth, a Xeno expert, as they head in, but they quickly find out Quoth may be in over his head. Will his help be enough for this delicate operation? They must bring the unique artifact stolen from the Lunar bank to lure Manjappa’s agents in but then ambush them to get a lead on Manjappa himself. This balancing act will push the team to their limits and it’s possible the entire operation ends in this mission.

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  1. Oh, I’m saving these for my vacation next month. I can’t freaking wait to hear the conclusion to No Evil!

  2. Holy funk what an amazing episode. That’s how to start a new tier with a bang!

  3. I got the “Fisherman’s Wife” reference. Very Clever, thanks Caleb.

  4. is all this creepy Firewall shit canon, or is this straight from the mind of Caleb? a goddamn…basilisk…hack…ish…screamy thing saying to calm down UGH so WEIRD and the dead CANARY oh nooo it’s all too good

  5. so nifty that every game session of Caleb’s is different :3

  6. Did Caleb throw a promethean at David?

  7. The Oracle did that sort of thing. So either it’s still around and works for Firewall now, or yes, David just met a Promethean.

  8. Quoth the Raven, many Poe puns (Poens?) will come from that.

    And it’s pretty neat that he is wearing an eye patch over his right eye in that artist’s rendering as well.

    This session was amazing, the combat was intense and brutal. I seriously can’t wait for the next AP.

  9. Caleb I want to have your baby. I don’t care if it’s biologicaly impossible.

    Excelent session.

  10. Tom’s choice between whether or not to unleash space aids seems to have been quite an effective death trap this game. Im still really surprised they managed to get the guys fishing pole from earth though, and as Thad stated, it just shows how much of a threat Manjappa is.

  11. Ah Ross, no one could be more perfect for Bartleby’s role. You monster.


  13. These games are such amazing pieces of storytelling that I find myself about as excited for their releases as I am for those of my favorite books and comics. Caleb, you’re an amazing story teller, and the players generally add an impressive amount of depth to their characters. I am enjoying these games more than I can say. Thanks!

  14. Thanks a lot Benton! That made my day!

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