Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 24

SAIROC: Helpful AGI with new and improved befuddlement algorithm!The peace cannot last long, even in a civilized station like Vo Nyugen. The Firewall team finds itself under attack from a mysterious and impossibly skilled assassin just as they are making a deal with an informant for intel on Manjappa. Meanwhile, Augustine sits there in the server room…apparently normal, but can the Firewall team trust a seed AI? Even after they deal with the sniper, the team has little time to act in order to keep the investigation going. Given the number of Firewall rules the team has broken, how long can they keep their own organization from turning against them? Find out how the team manages to deal with the chaos Manjappa inflicts on them in this episode of Know Evil!

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  1. Know Evil continues to deliver!

  2. Gotta say I was waiting for Caleb to say that one of the Manjappa team was a SAIROC. XD

    This is a perfect thing to listen to while I’m on the Starcraft 2 high. Never fails to disappoint.

  3. (Actually finishes the episode before posting again)

    I just peed a little…

    Holy Crap! Longest last 20 minutes of my life, in the best possible way! Cannot wait for next episode. 😯

  4. Know Evil produces as always. Amazingly tense episode. Can’t wait to see what’s next on Earth, but I guess it’s a bag full of MURDER.

  5. so Firewall’s just slapped all their egos into a ‘can be used for Earth missions’ box? I wonder if Firewall lets anyone’s ego come BACK from Earth. so they have to endlessly recycle the assets who have a hope of surviving there. and Proxy Zealot and friends will just be endlessly recycled for “just one extra mission” whenever Firewall thinks that savestate of their minds might be right for a terrestrial job.

  6. Caleb, oh Caleb. Let me just say this; you’re a bloody brilliant GM.

  7. another delightful RPPR TAZ radio play :3

    a quite innovative adversary, the titan gun

  8. Holy crap, how many genres does Caleb juggle at once? This was a hell of a listen.

  9. Evil, Evil GM. Delicious.
    Caleb have you ever read John Wicks “Play Dirty”? Sounds like your sort of book.

  10. Twenty minutes before the end, Caleb sounds so SAD when he says “Wait, there’s one more thing to do.”

    Damn good session. Hell of an ending.

  11. That was amazing! Im so jealous of you all for having an awesome game.

  12. The ending…oh sweet Jebis. (bows to Caleb)

  13. Man, the ending was so good, it makes people forget that the rest of the episode was a truly amazing action sequence. The sniper bot was awesome.

    Though I’m surprised the team didn’t immediate go with the obvious “make 50 copies and send them after Manjappa” plan.

  14. The sniper bot sequence was pretty awesome, and the ending was a definite “oh shit…” moment. Or several moments.

  15. I kept thinking that they failed on Earth off screen, and they were all restored from backup

  16. Yeah, this one was great all the way through but holy shit the ending.

    At first I thought that Augustine had snatched them and was putting them into bodies that she recognized. The sense of confusion was great, as was the foreshadowing from Proxy Pollyanna beforehand.

  17. My first thought was Know Evil, then Augustine, then Manjappa. Then Caleb revealed the truth, and it was the Best. Reveal. Ever.

    To answer Crawlkill’s answer, I think so; I think firewall will continue to recycle that back-up of them over and over again until they screw up so badly that firewall doesn’t trust them with earth-missions anymore.

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