Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 25

Preston Crowley, uplift octopus, socialite, media darling, Mercurial extremist, and master of the bladeThe Firewall Team awakens on Earth, much to their chagrin. They have been placed in a covert bunker under the streets of Tokyo, sleeved in what morphs were available. Tasked with retrieving an AGI from a Tokyo museum, the team must cross the exsurgent infected ruins of earth’s largest city.  Given the insidious and alien nature of the TITANs, anything can be a deadly trap. Can the team survive the countless threats and complete the mission objective? Why is the AGI so important? Find out all this and more in this episode of Know Evil!

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  1. The Payton monster has accepted our offerings and released more of Know Evil.

  2. welcome to Caleb’s (much, much better) “version” of RIFTS :3

    or “transhumanism, Old Skool” :3

  3. Never have I been so scared of boxes.

  4. We’ve seen most of the cell so far. I think only Ross is left, does that mean we’re near the end of the series?

  5. I wanted to ask for a longer time, will the Know evil campaign ever be released as a pdf campaign book? I know it can only be released after the end is posted, but I still think it would be awesome.

  6. I think what a lot of amateur storytellers in any medium forget is that a good story needs to involve a lot of moments the audience will remember as having made them go nnnoooooo. the room full of supplies with the fallen sign making it clear that bitches weren’t gonna KNOW their fate…yes. I listened to it twice. up there with the Lover in the Ice Green Box.

    I’d thought the mission was going to be a Firewall lesson in nihilism. like, ‘hey guys! you just suffered through hell! you know why? to get a trinket, because sentimental bullshit is all Earth still has to offer us.’ no idea what to think about Mange showing up there at the end (if he actually wanted the AI for some reason, why would he have villain revealed? if he was just taunting them, why did he try to stop them uploading?). I assume the weirdmorph was a Promethean? anyway, ++ on tower defense mechanics.

    also Ross Payton this new post-per-five-days campaign-campaign-oneshot speed is practically breakneck I love it

  7. Ah Ross, how thyne rolling gods hath blessed us with this boon!

  8. Was Thad a freelance voice-actor/foli artist for the “Dead Space” series? He does Necromorph vocals perfectly.

  9. Holy wow. Probably my favourite episode yet. So many crazies. Caleb, I love your brand of horror.

    Jason for MVP. Boss mode. Gerard went out like a champ. Had hoped for a moment where you just fall to your knees on the fucked up beach and cry, but you were kind of busy not dying.

  10. And I shall repeat my oft uttered phrase, WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS MANJAPA!!!!!

  11. Not complete yet but the line of the cast so far is “they should have sent a hip hop artist.”

  12. Great great stuff, guys. Imaginative and compelling as always, Caleb. You know how to throw it down on those fool players and their silly addiction to Tac-Net.

  13. The moment Sairoc went crazy about the survivors on Earth i knew there was no way he was making it back. Although I did think it was going to be Bartleby taking a plasma rifle to his stack, because he’d be happier in the long run not knowing.

  14. An absolutely fantastic, horrific game. I can’t freaking wait to hear what comes next.

  15. New listener. Caleb is a fantastic GM! Love your storytelling. You know how to keep a game moving and interesting. Much appreciated. Ross thank you for all your hard work and creating such entertaining content for those of who don’t have the time to play.


  16. This was so awesome ive listened to it 4 times i really hope that Caleb makes this into a campaign book cause ill kickstart the hell out of it.

  17. Good story, great GMing, and an awesome setting by somebody who seems to have read BLAME! recently. Loved it.

  18. Really great session. And it’s brilliant campaign design to counterpoint the PCs’ tricked-out, geared-to-the-max final showdown with a stripped-down survival-horror suicide run right beforehand. Fantastic idea.

  19. Beautiful speech Tom. I think I’ll use that the next time I need to do any public speaking. Brought a tear to the eye it did.

  20. So much tension just from a few crates, almost broke the arms of the chair as they were gripped tight while listening to this. Very nice to see how this one turned out & great work to all in this as wonderful GM work & everyone playing in this.

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