Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 15

There have been worse plans...but not by much.Synopsis: The Firewall team has planned and prepared enough. It is time to pull off the most daring heist in the history of the solar system. They face the tightest security the inner system has to offer, all to steal an unknown object just so they can continue their pursuit of Manjappa, the man behind the Know Evil virus. Can each character hold up their end of the operation? Will Bartleby and SAIROC infiltrate the vault in time? Can the others secure the bottom level of the facility? Can the distraction team hold off security long enough? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of the moon tier of the Know Evil campaign!

Don’t forget to look over the planning documents and map of the Erato bank.

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    also, having recently re-read The Stars Our Destination pdf, I’m real curious to see what happens in Scum tier

  2. All the references!!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Caleb the PLANS. THE PLANS. I still think Caleb’s a CIA experiment. CONSIDER ALL THE EVENTUALITIES. and tier three is EARTH? so then…what, tier four is an exoplanet? or out’sters (=Ousters of the Hyperion Cantos?), maybe? man, a whole tier in Earth gravity would be weird! I love this shit so much. do you realize that even only this far into the campaign you’ve already produced enough hourage to get me through my next transatlantic flight? <333

  4. Hahahaha, oh my god, that heist was amazing! I loved just about every second of it. Especially when Bartleby was wearing the football helmet; that mental image is just great. Can’t wait for more; the scum swarm will especially be great. Oh, the comedic potential! Thank you, Caleb, for running such an awesome campaign, and the rest of y’all, the players, for making it even better.

    I wonder, though; whatever will happen to the Haunted Stars? Since their stacks (with the exception of the Lost person who was on Ross’s psycho squad) were left behind in that house, will they eventually be found, or will they just be restored from back up (if any of them actually have a backup, which they might not)?

  5. @Rubric I think that stuff got loaded up into the ship they used to bail,or at least here’s hoping so, because if not the lunar government just got a new seed a.i. who claims sairoc as part of it’s self, bye bye Mitre.

  6. @Holyeskimo: Oh, God, I had completely forgotten about Augustine; well, knowing how Caleb loves to torture the players with her, I don’t think he’ll let them leave her behind any time soon. Here’s hoping they brought the Haunted Stars, too!

  7. Caleb, I need PXY CLEAN (DG reference FTW) cs because I want to play him when I convince my lazyass friends to play eclipse phase. I want to know how hard I can throw stuff at them before they all will die when CLEAN decides to clean house.

  8. I had high expectations for this game, and this AP blew them out of the water. Congratulations to Caleb for running such an amazing game, and to the RPPR crew for the amazing heist plan! πŸ˜€

  9. for some reason my pc only downloads 60meg of this 88.3 meg file?

  10. Epic! There’s too much I could say for the review.

    This episode deserves a soundtrack…

    Prep / Van Rental / Casing the joint / morph pick up
    Crimson Tide (Expanded) – Opening/Conflict/Alabama

    Laser Field and Guards
    Black Hawk Down – Chant

    Stalling at the Statue
    Sherlock Holmes – He’s Killed the Dog Again

    Bartleby @ SAIROC(s) Infitration
    Shooglenifty – Kinky Haroosh

    Disassembler Swarms / Underground Barracks
    Star Wars the Clone Wars (The Movie) – Battle of Teth

    The Suicide Squad, Fe-Yun and the Crucible
    (Gladiator Soundtrack (Special Edition) – Gladiator Waltz

    Bartleby’s Escape / SAIROC’s Sacrifice
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Adamantium

    End Credits w/ Montage of Tier 2 hijinks
    Johnny Cash – We’ll Meet Again

    Bonus Tracks

    Preston Theme
    Gunther – In the Night

    Fe-Yun Theme
    TAT – Champagne, Cocaine and Strawberries

    Bartleby Theme
    Vitamin String Quartet – I Am the Highway

    Gerard Theme
    Black Label Society – Stronger Than Death

    SAIRCO Theme
    Lords of Acid – Special Moments

  11. @beej

    That is awesome, man! I’m really glad we record our games, but I often wonder what it would be like if we could listen to music as we play like most groups.

  12. forgot to add the Trailer Music… Ecstasy of Gold.

  13. I very much approve of the high quantity of Hans Zimmer represented in this soundtrack.

    Also, the song you picked for Fei Yen’s theme is now stuck in my head forever.

  14. Bank Heist 9001! Amazing stuff happened here.

  15. my favorite part of EP so far, a great scene lots of perfect moments, and Aaron becomes a real BAWS

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