Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 5

This episode brought to you by Kyle Moss, a Killsplosion Kickstarter contributor.

After the Firewall agents return to Octavia, the major aerostat city, they decide to track down the pirates holding their target captive. The team splits up to learn more about the mysterious neo-synergist hacker, research the route the pirates will take and maintain their cover as an XP show. The plot has several twists and turns in this episode so listen in to find out what complications will arise!

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  1. WHAT? Eclipse Phase posted twice in a row. Words cannot describe my joy.

  2. every time one of Caleb’s games has a box in it I know we’re in for something special. that simulspace game, eaaaagghhh.

    we need a forum post with our seven-page packet! and the boxtents! did you expect that they’d cave and plug Know Evil into Augustine there, Caleb, or was that a surprise? I’m ready for her to start ruining the solar system. my fingers are crossed.

  3. so they were! aaaa Back at the Office aaaa Darkness Between the Stars aaaaaaaaaa so much good

  4. Yeah, those were posted about three months before the campaign started being posted. It’s why I’ve been jonesing for this for so long.

    Great, great episode. A++ would be terrified by Caleb again.

  5. Thanks for the love guys!

    To be fair, while I wrote the creepy stuff and upped the ante a bit,I stole the concept for this episode from an Anders Sandburg adventure


    Don’t read if you want it to be a surprise, but then go read immediately afterwards. The dude is a genius; run all his games

  6. Man, this was a great episode. It’s remarkable, just how fun it can be when the characters are just hanging out, investigating, and interacting. It’s like the dinner party in the New World – it sounds odd, but in practice, it’s great.

    I do wonder how the gryphon morph came about. Would it be an uplift in there, or just a thrill-seeker? Would it have a second gryphon morph in cold storage, for when the lungs finally gave out? It’s a minor character, but it piques my interest.

    I am quite curious about what took down Cloud Nine. Claudia could have done it, particularly if she noticed an AI running the place. Maybe it was a self-destruct, imposed by the corporation. And maybe Augustine-Beta did it, after Aaron left. “I’m living in a godless universe!” *poof* Either way, I’m sure it’ll come up again.

  7. These are great. Caleb. I would love it, when the series is done if you gave a list of what you have been borrowing from and where it can be found.

  8. I like that Tom’s octopus would rather make XPs than save the universe.

  9. Hey hey, that’s my name in the description! I’m so totally important now.

    At any rate, I’m glad the episode I sponsored was a player-driven session! All of the character development was absolutely fantastic, from Bartleby’s fervent search for the Red Queen to SAIRAC’s attempts to constructively utilize Augustine. Preston’s Uplift poker tournament, with one bio-conservative for the sake of humor, was great as well.

    Fayun (not-Valentine) definitely won out for me, though. She started by attempting to form a friendship with Sturn, but was soon investigating the highly unsettling neo-synergists and eventually running the rooftops of Ocatavia, attempting to evade Nimbus security. The chase scene was great, both in mechanical and story terms. And the “reward” for her escape… ugh. Creepy.

  10. I wish I could see Thad’s face during the part where their Firewall contact was saying “You absolutely cannot give to Claudia”. Oh yes. That must have been a really assuring moment for your character’s safety.

  11. The guy, that is. Give the guy to claudia. I accidentally his name.

  12. Another amazing episode Caleb.

    I want to see Augustine ‘fix’ the infugees.

  13. Aaron, Caleb ate your chips while you were out of the window. He told us to tell you.

  14. So much EP! Is it Christmas already??

  15. So is there another version where we can listen to the PCs just sic Augustine on every problem they find and see how long until they ruin everything.

  16. that’s the version I want! I mean I love this one but we totally need a Know Evil Gaiden: Full Life Consequences noncanon sidestory

  17. I really hope that Tom forgot to get that bio-con to sign a consent form and his company is now stuck in a liability suit as a result. That would make me happy.

  18. I just recently found RPPR and the actual play podcasts. They are almost all pretty good, but Caleb does an exceptional job with Eclipse Phase. This is golden listen during work. Golden.

  19. Caleb said he could be dead when this got posted. did that happen?

  20. Great episode! Tempting Aaron with the research(can’t wait to see if that was a good or bad idea) and the chase scene… Well done.

  21. This is the episode that made me think Jason was playing a Jovian all the earlier stuff just gave hints either Gerard is a horrible person or a Jovian.
    I mean jumping in the way for a Jovian… a Jovian of all people. Also this was a great session.
    Poor poor Ross couldn’t get his Lost project simulspace software. I love the idea of the Wyld Hunt all being Aysnc’s because of him

  22. Not gonna lie, re listening up to this in 2015 was creepy considering the callout.

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