Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 6

This picture has nothing to do with the campaign but let's face it. This is exactly how the players would act in this situation. This image comes from the hilarious webcomic, Wonderella.

In this episode, the heroes of New Arcadia face a seemingly invincible foe – the leader of the Crystal Children cult. His powers stop anyone from attacking him directly or indirectly so he cannot be assassinated or captured. Can our heroes devise a means to stop this powerful psychic cult leader? Aside from that, the heroes have to secure the Hellmirror, a powerful and evil magical artifact but this isn’t as easy as it seems, even though it resides in the police evidence locker.

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  1. Caleb why are you coming up with plans like this just for a roleplaying podcast why aren’t you planning coups for the CIA

  2. Me? Plan for the CIA? Don’t be ridiculous!

    On a completely unrelated note…


  3. Clear.

  4. Poor Aaron. All his teammates had to say was “It’s okay, he’s with us. There was just a misunderstanding.” But no, they just kept talking to Walker and Pilgrim while the beat cop was firing away.

    The idea of Norm being a Lutean sleeper is really cool, because it potentially redefines his entire character. At what point would he have been planted on Earth? How much of his memory is manufactured? Did he even visit the Amazon at all, or did he just get dumped in New Arcadia with the arms already on him? I look forward to seeing how the story develops!

  5. 2:44:40

    Aaron and Thad “dual hacking”.

  6. I love Caleb’s plans in this episode. I wonder if he ends up struggling with that old dilemma of being smart enough in real life to come up with great tactics but playing a character who shouldn’t be the one coming up with them?

    It reminds me of how he has very often (so far) been put in a position where he has to deceive others, but succeeds through some combination of abusing his prosthetic and “being very earnest”. It’s true that if you simply look at Norm from a realistic standpoint, he’d be able to get away with the things he does, but how long will it last?

    Still, Median could be a great leader in this post-superhero superheroic age. He never wanted this, it’s a curse to him… But he does what he has to, to protect the people. He’s just an ordinary guy thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

  7. That’s totally what I was going for! You made my day, Guycep!

  8. Another fantastic Heroes episode. I loved Caleb’s plan in the first session, the hot dog vendor would totally have been an effective means of driving out the cult. Who could resist the sweet, sultry smell of cooking hotdogs…

    oh right. The body armor. Yeah. That was cool too.

  9. oh my god drew

    come on

  10. I had wanted to ask before where Drew and Thad came from. Not in the “how does babby form” sense, just that they have recently been in a lot of APs and if they’re gonna be around I’d kinda like to know if they’re just new players you guys found or from another group, etc.

    Not asking for a background check or anything, I just like to know a tiny bit about the players, and how they hooked up with the RPPR group. It helps me flesh out the people I spend hours upon hours listening to. Especially since Cody and Bill fell off the face of the earth after the first game. I’m confused and frightened.

  11. I believe Cody brought Thad into the game. I knew him secondhand through his girlfriend, who is a former student of mine. He’s also an English grad student like most of the crew. Drew was brought in by Ross I believe some years ago by Ross for a Call of Cthulhu campaign, so he’s around before RPPR officially started. He just didn’t become a regular part of our crew until New Arcadia.

    I’ve been talking with Dan about coming back, but it’ll be a while. Bill and Cody are both busy as far as I know, so they aren’t going to be a part of this campaign, and I don’t know when they’ll free to play anytime soon.

  12. Thanks, Jason. You and the rest of the crew just keep having fun and I will continue being entertained! It’s cool that so many of you are English students. I was also until recently, and I say we’re #1. Other fields of study are #2, or lower.

  13. If you haven’t already, check out a game called “Cthulhu Saves the World”. It seems to be available on Steam

    here’s a taste of it


    And I just came across a fun little ‘flash’ game called Before We Were Dead — you play a fish wandering from the safety of home and there are scary things out there

  14. “3’s are not enough”

    “No shit! Height six!? Are you fucking kidding me!?”

    Jason doesn’t take kindly to the GM not letting him be super badass 24/7. Step it up, Ross. Swaying a whole group of cultists is obviously something one can easily do giving a sub-standard (about 3 out of 10, say) speech, over a few seconds.

  15. At 0:11:03 in episode 4, Tom joked “I’ve heard stories of this superhero back in the 80s who tried to break into a police station, turned into a nightmare apparently.” At 0:05:16 in this one, Caleb and Ross alluded to the same thing: “I thought you were planning a heist on a police station!” “Cuz that’s worked so well out in the past in other games that you’re aware of.” “I think we stopped one of those.” Which game were you guys referencing?

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