Cthulhu Dark: Dead Island

The zombies just listened to Who Do You Voodoo Bitch When Ed Healy came to Springfield to visit Meta Games, I stopped by to run a one shot of Cthulhu Dark based on the video game Dead Island. Of course, this happened before the game came out so I basically with zombies at a vacation resort and made it up from there. We had quite a few players for this game including RPPR listeners, Ed Healy, Mike from Bear Swarm and some of the RPPR crew. Enjoy the mayhem!  Also, BUY MY BOOK

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  1. I’m a.k.a. @LinuxByChoice on Twitter, and I second Ross’ command
    to buy his book, ’cause I did, and it’s amazing!!! Great writing,
    clever descriptions and future zombie applications (clean energy,
    hee hee hee), and awesome illustrations! I never realized that
    there are different zombie species, and that some species are
    harmless, and that some are even endangered! Brilliant. :?D

  2. Ooh, that smiley didn’t turn out right–it was a big grin, like this : ? D
    only without the spaces… wink!

  3. somebody claimed you can use Cthulhu Dark to run serious games once, but I really can’t even begin to imagine it. and I really wouldn’t wanna see it, anyway. here’s to zany player versus player madness.

  4. This is great. I’m delighted you had fun.

    Crawlkill, I’ll happily run a serious Cthulhu Dark game for you, if we’re ever in the same area. Those are scary, scary games.

  5. I think making a success is less spiting Ross and more spiting Andrew.

  6. *Spoiler* Aaron survived the game with his first Character? Yep, 2012, end of the world.

  7. Cthulhu Dark: One player decides to make a challenge, and it all goes downhill from there. This is yet another example of that. And it’s a hilarious one at that.

    Also, MLP fan characters… Yessss… Though neither of them used the oribtal friendship cannon the bronies seem to love so much!

  8. Aaron also didn’t play a nanny boy scout, Granted he still saved the girl… sorta… but he did it in a d-bag way. haha. Gratz Aaron.

  9. Aaron…
    you’re the man now, dawg.

  10. Is Drew always so argumentative? It seemed like he had to argue semantics over something every 5 minutes.

  11. Loved it!

  12. Best game since Aaron’s “Haunted Manor” pre-GenCon insanity. I kind of wish Kaleb could have sat in on that one. Really fun game that had me cracking up. Tom & Aaron win MVP honors for that session.

  13. Please do NOT fiddle with the dice; please do NOT allow more than two or three persons speak at once; please do NOT speak out of character too much – it ruins the feeling of the game. Thanks!

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