Wild Talents: Zombies and other Caped Cannibals playtest 3

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The final playtest for the upcoming Gencon 2011 Wild Talents game introduces a new group. Tim, Wes and Adam join Caleb and Mike as the newly empowered civilian survivors in the New Arcadia zombie outbreak. With the same basic scenario, what different decisions will they make and how will they respond to the challenges of undead hordes, flesh eating superheroes and a looming nuclear apocalypse? Find out in this episode!

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  1. YeaHHHHHH. Mike! Caleb!

    And some other guys

  2. so much good. not a fan of zombies or of superheroes, but I loved the scenario anyway, which is pry the highest praise there is to give. god, the ex con. god, the old woman. excellent excellent excellent.

    but don’t keep me hanging with no Cthulhu for weeks on end!

  3. The best of the three playtests. Ross cracking up is always great.

    It was great hearing Mike again. I always like how he roleplays, although this time he was playing the hippie waitress as Mike. Given recent New World episodes I half expected him to go:

    “Zombies! Hear my call! You WILL lay down your arms and stop eating people!”

    And Caleb was incredible. I want to see a game DMed by Caleb and all of the players are also Caleb.

  4. Great AP guys, and Caleb’s demented old woman summoning the powers of fire Reagan was hilarious and awesome.

    I was surprised to see/hear Mike playing. I was under the impression that he wasn’t around anymore. I’m not going to get into the various issues people have had with Mike, suffice to say that just once, I’d like to see him roleplay a character that isn’t just “PnP Mike”. I wasn’t exactly shocked when his female waitress turned into another Mike. You guys should get him to play a game where his character has no physical prowess, intimidation factors, or combat skills. πŸ˜‰

  5. Scurvy that would be like asking Aaron to play a character with real bullets.

  6. Ha!

    To be fair, my original post sounded more critical of Mike than I had intended. I think it would be funny to have them both play in a game and have each one play the other’s typical character: Aaron is the streetwise hardass and Mike is the LG hero. πŸ˜‰

  7. Mike hates LG, which is funny because his favorite X-men character is Cyclops, who until recently fell mostly into LG territory. But I would love to see it! Maybe we could do some kind of mini-ransom and bribe them…hmmm. Hey Ross, I’ve got an idea!

  8. I don’t usually go for superhero games but I loved this one. You guys were fantastic.

  9. Arvandus, aren’t you the guy from Fand–you are!

  10. Would it be possible if I could get the campaign for this? I want to run this on IRC.

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