4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 45: The Great Armada

The Great Armada of the Old World has reached the shores of the New World. Can the forces of New Arcadia, led by the heroic Water Barons, defeat the vast forces arrayed against them?  While they are outnumbered, the adventurers have more than a few tricks up their sleeves…Only one episode of the New World Campaign remains!

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  1. One of the best sessions of the entire series. Probably one of the best sessions on the entire site. The battle system was fantastic, I can’t wait to get a hold of the pdf with it and use it in the game I’m in right now.

    …..Balgran……I’m so sad. So, so sad. He will live on in all our hearts. Can he appear in the forth coming New Arcadia Wild Talents game?

    And I loved Pontifex. “You really don’t want to lose…”

  2. Good episode, but I am so ready for the New World Campaign to end. Bring on the end!

    More CoC and Dirty World games.

  3. What a fantastic episode. THIS is the epitome of the New World Campaign; new and different and full of sheer badassery and antics.

    RIP Balgran.

  4. “No, no, he’s our friend, he’s just a double agent you don’t understand”

    and the stone colossus destroying ships like eva unit 02


  5. That was awesome. I loved it. Great session. How you resolved the battle system and didn’t bog it down with epic level fights was great. I’m going to use this at some point.

    The end of Balgran was hands down one of the best moments in the game. As was the moment that Pontifex warned Locke of the consequences of losing. Though actually my favorite moment was Tom’s excellent role-playing, when he forsook any battle advantage and rushed to New Arsenal to save defenseless women and children. Then he loses his shit on the bastards he let live. Bravo. Good Roleplaying.

    I liked the little nod though to his mercy leading to good intentions as well with the medusa he spared notifying him of what was happening.

    I feel really bad for the grippli. I feel like the water spirit is totally gonna screw them up as a race. They won’t be as grippli as they once were. So sad. 🙁

    (PS Ross, good job with this game. I’m not even playing, just listening and i feel invested in what happens to the PC’s and NPC’s.)

  6. Actually I was the one who spared the medusa.

  7. I stand corrected. There are 42 episodes…(46?) so many characters. I forgot. Sorry Jason.

  8. Lol if only cody could have found one of those lich rebirth loopholes that are floating around on the net, then he could have been with janeesa

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