4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 43: Cult Busters

The Water Barons must rescue the powerful nature spirit Coyote from the cult of Vecna! Of course, the cult is led by a powerful lich, so it won’t be easy prying the spirit from their grasp. The cult is of course after the secrets that Coyote possesses, secrets the Water Barons need if they are to save the world from Thrazidun. The end draws nigh! Only 3 episodes left after this one.

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  1. The most important question about this whole thing though, is:


  2. Oh…so THAT’S what a rules lawyer at full bore sounds like.

  3. I can not recall if he went that night, but rest assured, Cody did come to the hookah bar with us eventually.

  4. I want to extend my deepest sympathies to Ross for having to wrangle this clusterfuck.

    Combat becomes more work and less fun, respectively, the higher the player levels get. By the time you get to high Epic tier, combat is nothing but a chore. As evidenced by this AP where the combat was dull, over thought, and just pain ole’ uninteresting. I honestly can say I’ll be glad to see the New World campaign end. The non-combat RP is still fantastic but combat that plays out more like dueling mathematical formulas with each player taking minutes at a time and multiple debates and rules references to proceed has got to go. More CoC and Delta Green games please! 😀

    I also want to thank all the players for one hell of a run since the NW campaign be ending soon. So to Ross, Tom, Jason, Cody, Bill, Dan, RJ, Mike, and all the various guest players; Thanks for one hell of an adventure.

  5. Nothing kills an actual play better than a rules lawyer going off. The New World Campaign has been amazing overall but now it seems like no one at the table is having fun.

    This doesn’t make me look forward to epic tier at all, would it be better for me to plan to end campaigns before the combat becomes too much of a chore?

    Thanks to all the RPPR group for putting in the time and effort to put out quality actual plays.
    I would like to second scurvy’s request for more CoC and Delta Green, and would add WoD and pretty much anything else to the list.

  6. I haven’t listened to this AP yet, but despite what it may sound like, I think we all had fun even in these last few games. I look back on those last games with fondness still. Yeah, the combat may get slow, and it’s a bore to listen to, but I still loved it.

    Trust me, the end of the New World was amazing.

  7. Looking at my initial post, which is all negative, then reading Scurvy’s nicely written one, I feel that I would be remiss to not second him (and FatBirdWillFly) in commending everyone on all the hours they’ve put into this. Sure, there are always going to be little quibbles – especially in a campaign that’s run as long as this one has – and the balance issue seems really difficult to manage this far into the epic campaign.

    That said, Ross has done a brilliant job setting up a sandbox-style world and the players have added color and humor every step along the way. So I apologize for my initial pissiness; my criticism wasn’t constructive, nor was it indicative of what is otherwise a brilliant AP.

  8. I have tried and listened to a lot of D&D actual play podcasts and i have to say that new world campaign is by far the best among all of them. Quality sounds, awesome roleplay, incredibly funny, and a very good DM!

    I’m wondering if you guys have other actual play podcasts out there… Can’t get enough of this! 🙂

  9. Author

    @Fred? Have you listened to the non D&D actual plays on this site? We have a lot of APs here.

  10. @Fred – Ross ain’t shittin’ ya…I came for the D&D, stayed for the Cthulhu/Delta Green/Dirty World, etc.

  11. I, unfortunately, am not familiar with other RPG’s aside from D&D but I shall give them a try! Thanks and keep up the awesome job!

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