4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 41: Adventure Time

The Water Barons are up to their necks in adventure! The armada from the Old World threatens New Arcadia and the rest of the New World. The dark entity stirs within its prison. A copper dragon is up to no good. Can the fractured group of embattled adventurers deal with this much adventure? Find out in this episode!

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  1. You guys never discussed Mike returning for this session! His portrayal of Watcher after Reginald’s hunt was most engrossing. I really believed his character was grappling with insecurity and attempting to further the cause of his guild.

    Speaking of Reginald, his antics were, as always, hilarious. Dan should probably have eased off a bit, but I can never begrudge Reginald for behaving as he is.

  2. I’m so glad Bill came back, he adds a lot to this group. Enjoyed the fight and I’m excited to hear more.

  3. Oh hai Bill.

  4. [Cody] “Gary Coleman died today.”

    ^—– May 28, 2010. This episode is almost exactly 11 months old.

  5. Good ep, sad to hear about the Anakin story arc being finished. I thought it would be cool if Locke raised the kids in hyperbolic time chambers and used them to fight Pontifex.

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