Wild Talents: Zombies and other Caped Cannibals playtest 1 and 2


In order to prepare for Gencon 2011, I wrote and playtested a Wild Talents zombie-themed one shot. A group of normal citizens wake up in a strange lab. They each have a super power due to the experiments conducted by the Parasol Corporation. Unfortunately, the same corporation has also released a zombie virus on the city of New Arcadia. This virus has turned normal citizens into mindless flesh eating ghouls and superhumans into intelligent flesh eating ghouls. Can these scrappy new heroes find a way to cure the virus, survive countless zombies and defeat ‘subject zero’?

This episode contains two playtests of the same scenario. The first was at Fear the Con 2011 and the second was with most of the regular RPPR group. There is a third playtest with a mix of new and old players that will be released soon.

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  1. Just reading the first 2 lines of the description and the title i’m sold, where can i buy this and have it shipped to MΓ©xico!

  2. I love how Jason was able to not only survive, but also keep his powers. Take that selfless fools!

  3. I played the Telekinetic at FtC4 in the session that wasn’t posted. Probably due to its overwhelming awesomeness. Our group worked together really well, the Old lady was the best, she had fire kitties, Elastic Man changed into everything, the power stealer did it all, and I figured out that the invulnerable waitress made an awesome club for TK Zombie squashing.
    Our time controller was also a coward who ran away a lot. Is it something about that Character?

  4. Author

    Oh about that session. Unfortunately, the recorder glitched and failed to record half of the session. This sucks because that was a great game. :\

  5. This scenario would be a great way to introduce my group to Wild Talents. Do you think it would be possible to adapt the “Threats” mechanic from Monsters and Other Childish Things to model a zombie horde?

  6. Author

    The minion rules from Wild Talents are what you’re looking for. They model zombie hordes perfectly.

  7. This AP seemed great…from what little of it I picked up. I can’t listen to most AP’s from con games. I’m not knocking anyone for it because I’m thankful that you would even share them with us, but my brain simply doesn’t handle all the sounds and voices from other tables and I end up not not being able to follow what’s happening quite frequently.

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