Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 5

Detective Walker and Pilgrim ladies and gentlemen In this episode the heroes of New Arcadia face two challenges: the Crystal Children and the occult mystery in Fiddler’s Green. The cult known as the Crystal Children is led by a powerful metahuman with a unique ability that makes direct confrontations with him impossible. How will they bring this elusive foe to justice? When the other heroes delve into the mystery of the ghost lights of Fiddler’s Green, they find a dire plot that must be stopped. However, this is easier said than done.

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  2. Damn, this episode comes to me FROM THE WOOOOORLD OF TOMORRRRROW apparently.

    (Still the 26th in some parts of the world Ross. Thanks anyway though. Much appreciated and such.)

  3. Hot damn, double-length New Arcadia ten hours before I get on a train ride? Best day ever.

  4. man. Caleb has long been my favorite, but he and Thad may need to have some kind of sexy deathmatch some time soon here to determine where my affections really lie. that conversation with the biiird!

    now I’m gonna be waiting for Zero Shift to get Rossmurdered every time one of these gets posted, though. I’m sure he’ll deserve it, but I’ll still go D=

  5. Not sure I follow Jason’s reasoning in this one.

    Truly this is a great victory for the community of the ruins, keeping the poor and out of work from finding gainful employment! Remember everyone, when your scrapping vegetable growth off the bottoms of dumpsters to fight off scurvy, that you still have your pride.

  6. They can’t fight me without the wonderous magicks of citrus!

  7. I’d have guessed that the name of The Martyr was “Marty.”

  8. JASON!!! You’ve really outdone yourself. Oh and for the next “Best of RPPR” someone just needs to make this a comic. With illustrations.

    Loved it, soo much gold.

  9. Haha, wow…these just keep getting better and better. Hilarious, exciting, surprising, and then back to hilarious! Who could ask for more? I can’t get enough “New Arcadia,” and even these wonderfully long sessions never last long enough. Ha. Anyway, I continue to really enjoy these! Thanks to everyone involved for the hours of entertainment your gaming provides! I’ve gotta’ say, Thad’s conversation with that bird was one of the highlights, as was that horrible (for them) dawning realization that Aaron and Jason were facing a zombie without any real way to stop it. I also really enjoyed the angel’s interaction with Tom. That was pretty neat. Thanks guys!

  10. Another amazing episode.

    I loved the break in of the cult lair and half way through they realized they didn’t have a plan or goal. Awesome.
    Caleb trying to get Bill out of the cult lair was priceless. I’m stealing the 7 Kings quest for my game cause it’s wicked cool.

  11. 5 players splitting up into 3 groups on 3 different plotlines. The GM’s nightmare. Impressive.

    Ross keeps having random mooks spend Willpower when they really want to punchify the PCs, but ordinary humans have no Willpower score in Wild Talents. And people only make Trauma checks on the 2nd round of suppressing fire, when they willingly choose to not attempt to dodge for cover. It doesn’t happen instantly, in a surprise round, with no way to avoid it.

    The Caleb banterology was gold as always, and so was Jason’s. “They did not get any matches, the two of you just need to make out–” “We need to make out? That’s a different game, Ross.” “Need to make Trauma checks.” “Trauma check: There’s a guy with steel arms making out with a bat! Can your minds handle it?” “It ain’t called Wild Talents for nothing man, know what I’m saying? See if you can move the tongue that way, while his finger wraps around your…”

    But geez, Jason. He pisses off a cult that terrifies a demon, in their base full of cameras and unexplained magical wards, then willingly accepts when they suddenly ominously offer him, and only him, something called ‘Advanced Counseling,’ and thinks it’s unfair GMing that Jamal starts having to roll to resist brainwashification? And hey, first namedrop of his missing pops.

    Thad with the talking little bird, questioning his sanity, and logically fearing saying Charon’s name was amazing. Of course Jason forgot he can just give Thad an illusion-ation of eating that college student-esque meal he was meticulously describifying the flavor of for him. Tragedy of the ghost robot.

    God, even the angel bullies Aaron. The suffering never ends.

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