Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 4

Don't look down This episode brought to you by Viktor Engvall, a RPPR fan and Killsplosion contributor. The intrepid Firewall team has made their way to a secret aerostat on Venus called Cloud 9. A war has broken out on the station between Pax Familia and the owners of Cloud 9. The Firewall agents must navigate the unstable station, armed psychopaths at every corner, deadly traps and other threats in order to learn the secrets of the station.

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  1. ware thade is nooo

    that simulspace is fucked UUUP. perfection.

    and why do Caleb’s NPCs have more personality than most real people I’ve ever met? the offended beta fork, omg.

  2. Good Times

  3. Great episode, guys! Very cool to see the constantly deepening layers of intrigue in this game. Disappointed about the lack of Thad, but the super persuasive octopus of course makes up for it.

  4. Am I the only one dying to hear Augustine say “I’m sorry Aaron, I can’t do that.”? Hearing Aaron scramble, trying to control a potentially world shattering AI is awesome.

    The lack of Thad did suck but ish happens. Simil-space was cool as well as Tom painting Ross as a crazy handle-stashed Nam vet.

    Can’t wait to see how the fallout from their first satellite adventure turns out.

    Caleb as always, you’re a GM god.

  5. Fantastic episode. I particularly liked the scene with Bartleby and the security chief (Ditniss?) embracing one another in the cot. Other highlights:
    -Jason refusing to remove his armor (Goddammit, Jason!)
    -Aaron and Augustine shenanigans
    -Tom as Mr. Problem-solver

  6. Please tell me you drag the helpless German scientist around with your crew and never tell him what’s going on.

  7. Ahh yay! Jason is pretty awesome in his inflexibility sometimes. I like how the adventure came to him in that instance and his wanting to screw the pooch in regards to revealing crap about Augustine. I hope that turns out terrible

  8. Heh, Ross- “Spy’s sappin’ mah Sentry!” Another TF2 player!

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