Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 1

Learn more about the campaign on the RPPR forums.  In the future, only 5% of humanity remains after rogue AIs known as the TITANs turned Earth into a hellish wasteland and then disappeared. The remainder lives throughout the solar system. Only a secret vigilante organization known as Firewall protects humanity from the remnants of the TITANs and any other existential threats. One team of low level Firewall sentinels has been assigned to investigate Thought, a space station owned by the hypercorpration Cognite in orbit over Venus after an undercover agent assigned to the station went missing. More disturbingly, the backup of her mind is corrupt – something that should be impossible. The team consists of Bartleby: A lost generation brinker, Preston: an uplifted octopus socialite, SAIRAC, an argonaut AGI, Fayun, a Lunar criminal and Gerrad a Fall Evacuee anarchist. Infiltrating a secret orbital research facility will be hard to accomplish to say the least. How will they get in and what will they discover? Find out in this first double length episode of Eclipse Phase: Know Evil!

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  1. sweet, Ross and Aaron playing EP together. Can’t wait until I listen to the beginning of this epic campaign. Also I love the ‘not street level’ tag

  2. sweet, Ross and Aaron playing EP together. Can’t wait until I listen to the beginning of this epic campaign. Also I love the ‘not street level’ tag.

  3. Can’t wait to listen!

  4. Yes, Eclipse Phase!




  6. Five and a half hours, perfect. I can listen to this tonight AND still have enough left over for inbetween classes tomorrow.

  7. I’ve been looking forward to this since it was first mentioned. I’m stoked!

  8. giving Aaron a seed AI in his pocket in round one: definitely nooot street level. but yeah, awesome! it’s finally here! too bad to extrapolate that we’re pry not gonna hear much more from Cody in this one =( but yesss I long for mooore

  9. I have been adoring these, they are both creepy and exhilarating, cheers and keep posting this campaign.

  10. Yeah, sweet, yeah, sure… Lovely duo there…

    OK, still waiting for a bit of World of Darkness APs. I know Candle Cove and Arcadia Signal by heart already.

  11. holy shit cody and bill’s entrance to the station was incredible

  12. except it wasn’t bill

  13. That’s one hell of a start to a campaign. Can’t wait to hear what happens next.

  14. So, do you think that Caleb could send off a beta fork to ghost ride on my stack when I game master?

  15. Oddly, my favorite thing was the confusing way there were always conversations going on. It make the serious bits funnier. Also how Aaron managed to make a kill bot without seeming to plan that (and then he channeled the professor with the broken nose).

  16. Came to this site for the CoC, staying for the EP. Thanks again for another great episode. Keep em coming.

  17. another great episode. One rules lawyer complaint/correction; rolling double zeros is actually always a critical success.

  18. Tom’s portrayal of the octopoid is HILARIOUS!!!!

  19. Sweet double length episode! I’m liking these giant chunks of gameplay. I’m excited for the conclusion!

  20. Kind of got really bad when there were 3 conversations going at once. It was harder to listen to than a convention game recording because all the conversations were right around the mike.

  21. The recording quality gets better as the campaign goes on, I think. It is rare that we have as many players as there were in this game (6) in any given session. Additionally, only about half the people playing had read the books by this point, so there is less table talk involving how the rules work later on. To my mind, the next session is where the campaign really gets going.

  22. I’ve disliked all the previous EP posts but this game I enjoy. I’ll never play the system but the game is really fun to listen to. So far Tom’s octopus and Ross his goon steals the show.

  23. DDR virus and Cody singing Sandstorm was insanely hilarious! Dancing tachikomas for the win! Good job guys! Your EP games never fail to be awesome.

  24. @Caleb, was that an American Psycho reference regarding the business cards and bone? Nice.

  25. I love these actual play recordings, please more EP sessions from you guys, you rule.

  26. Awesome session, I’d love to hear more episodes from this campaign.

  27. The rp is nuts. This GM gets into charecter faster than I
    can check a stat sheet, he has ludicrous imagination,
    AND grasps how the greatest threat to immortal beings is

    The players are playing one of the biggest A-hole collections in
    human history, yet somehow manage to…tolerate each other.


  28. This episode is great. A little trouble hearing at some points due to others talking near the mike, but overall I enjoy it. Never heard of Eclipse Phase It sounds like a blast though. Caleb I got to give mad props to you for creating a very exciting entrance for these players to what seems to be an amazing campaign.

  29. Just getting into the Eclipse Phase campaign- boy I wish I had started listening sooner…

    I also enjoyed Aaron’s DDR virus phase and Cody providing music with the “Sandstorm” song!

  30. Between the DDR virus & the shuttle pilot ready to space anyone who got even a little sick were such a delight to hear in the game I’m definitely going to steal it when I try to run EP for my friends.

  31. Interesting, feels like a real gaming situation. In future episodes I hope they position the recording input further away from the bag of chips. In space, no one can hear you munch and crinkle.

  32. As a late-comer to RPPR it’s interesting to go back and start on this after hearing references to it in other games and many shows.

    It’s off to a strong start. It was impressive how many desperate people crossed paths on the Thought station, each with their own plans.

    This is also a very cool way to get a feel for Eclipse Phase – after hearing about Bartleby’s background (and Bradley) I had to look up the Lost. The setting is stuffed with evocative plot hooks and the game is already bringing them to life.

    One thing I have to ask about – I think there was a Shwebay (spelling?) mentioned as an NPC in the shuttle. I also recall Schwebay showing up briefly as Ms. Ledbetter’s husband’s business plan (St. Louis Bicycle delivery?) in No Soul Left Behind – is that a reference to something else?

  33. ‘Push the button Frank’.

    Have re-listened to this since 2011 and never yet finished Episode 1 of Know Evil. Time to go for the whole campaign and actually finish it.

    Great EP characters.

    Thank you Caleb. And thanks again for RM.

    Also thank you Ross and RPPR crew for great APs these cold winter days.

    Now to listen.

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