Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 7

The sky pirates had a bad...altitude YYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH The Firewall team has found the secret base of the sky pirates but now comes the most dangerous part of their mission – infiltration. They must pose as the real sky pirates they killed and find the captured hacker they need to rescue. Of course, between them and their target lies dozens of armed and paranoid pirates. To make matters worse, the hacker turns out to be more than they initially thought…

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  1. Hahaha! Yep, that picture sums things up quite nicely for this adventure.

  2. I may be starting another EP campaign soon (A Corporate inner system game, drawing some influences from the new Syndicate game) and If I do, I only hope to have set-pieces and plots and results half as awesome as the stuff Caleb has in Know Evil.

  3. Awww…shucks! (hand wave and blush).

  4. Yes, the rape victims huddled around you are beginning to asphyxiate. It’s getting grimdark.


  5. Yes, the rape victims huddled around you are beginning to asphyxiate as you are showered with bullets. It’s getting grimdark.


  6. Okay, now that I’ve listened to the whole thing, it’s time for my usual rules gripes (this is me being self-depricating, hopefully not being a douche). But, you guys are remembering to use range penalties, right? Both PCs and Caleb. Shard Pistols and Shredders have a short range of 10 meters, with S. Pistols having a maximum range of 70m and Shredders at 100m. Likewise, cone-damage weapons like a shredder do 1d10 less damage at long and extreme range. I probably wouldn’t normally speak up, but it just seemed like the PCs were taking a lot of abuse in the fight in the end, despite seeming like there must be some distance between them and the shooters.

  7. Oh man, pretty excellent session, very cool end-of-tier cinematic stuff.

    Muse News was a very nifty way to rope in all of the Rep favors, and to re-cap previous sessions. Creepy to see Augustine’s advancement and the way the PCs interact with her without watching exactly what they say. Gives me shivers.

    Psymon! Hooray, our favorite naked Firewall Sentinel makes an appearance.

    I’ll post more about this in the forums, but the reveal about the hacker was excellently foreshadowed (totally called it btw) and was an awesome “what have we done” moment.

    Great stuff as always, Caleb. Looking forward to the posting of Luna tier with bated breath.

  8. ohman, I’d really hoped Augustine would just imprint ALL case morphs as being aspects of the godhead when they explained Aaron’s new morph was still him. you ruined my joy by being cautious boooo

    and I totally think that the ending was way cooler BECAUSE the more difficult option, both in terms of the upcoming challenge and the desire to save the captives, was the one that was (probably) wiser (except for Thermite Thad, but if Fae’d sided with the reaper against the group, won, spaced their stacks and told the group’s backup respawns ‘yeah Claudia betrayed us man vaporized you all it sucked’ it would’ve made my LIFE). one of the things that most bores me about recent-gen Bioware games like Ross pointed out is the way the paths tend to be superficial, leading to encounters of similar or identical structure and danger. fuck that, say I. I wanna make a good decision and I wanna suffer and be challenged for it.

    it was one of those things I thought of during the Crystal Children cultist sting–if I’d been playing, after I’d gotten the psychic nullifier drug from Whatsisname, Bloodhound or whatever, I woulda gone, “Hey, the Syndicate is headed by a hypermind psychic god-entity. What the fuck is Bloodhound EVER going to do for us that’s more useful than holding onto this psychic nullodrug and potentially being able to shut down Paragon with it?” it woulda been a pretty setting-antagonizing choice and kind of undercut the session, but man, what gritty drama.

    anyway I love it! Luna tier inc yaaay!

  9. Please sir can I have some more?

  10. It’s getting to the point where listening to anything but Eclipse Phase feels pedestrian. I’m chasing the transhumanist dragon.

  11. More! More!

  12. Caleb totally runs games like a teacher. He’s got his handouts, he gives extra credit and if you ditch you get detention – which is a bomb collar.

  13. Hey! That’s…that’s…actually pretty accurate. Damnit…

  14. It works well, since the RPPR group plays games like unruly children. And we love them for it.

  15. This was beyond awesome. My jeans were creamed from beginning to end. The pirate hab was superb and the choice at the end was really great. I appreciate that it was kind of one sided, but the PCs aren’t heroes, they’re shady conspiracy thugs. Kind of like the CIA.

    I had so many oh fuuuuu! moments during this whole episode.

  16. Author

    CIA thugs would give no fucks about the captive women. WE DID.

    RPPR: claiming slight moral superiority over CIA black osp

  17. Can’t get enough of EP and always looking forward to my dose of RPPR’s sessions. Keep em coming guys, great fun!

  18. Re: Journ-O-LST-3: “Caleb totally runs games like a teacher. He’s got his handouts, he gives extra credit and if you ditch you get detention – which is a bomb collar.”

    What school did YOU go to? :O


  20. Hats off to Caleb and the rest of RPPR for another great EP game. I’m looking forward to the massacre that is Lunar Tier, at least, if what we hear mentioned elsewhere is reliable.

  21. …next episode of Slenderman nWoD campaign please! πŸ™‚

  22. Man, I hate being almost 1.5 years behind everyone else on Know Evil… This seemed like a very important episode.

    That scene was quite Grimdark. The EndChoice was very interesting, very tough choice.

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