Call of Cthulhu: Invictus part 1

One of Caligula's more sedate partiesThe threat of the Cthulhu Mythos is eternal but long before the heroic investigators of the 1920s and conspiracies like Delta Green, there were defenders of humanity from horrors beyond time and space. In ancient Rome, a group of skilled and cunning citizens has been charged with stopping a group of kidnappers. These criminals have taken many women from all walks of life, including the wife of a powerful man. But when these unlikely heroes delve into the mystery, they uncover a far greater threat to Rome than they ever could have imagined.

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  1. Well, my night just got better! 🙂



  3. I’ve been waiting for this since it was mentioned.

  4. omg, camp gay Thad is the best. and wtf Invictus I forgot this crazy shit existed you guys gotta get somea that Vampire: Rome goin now

    also every time CoC in particular gets run I wanna take down all of Tom’s rolls and do some quick statistics on them =\

  5. great session guys… but your GM needs to get his game face on. he seems distracted, confused and frustrated at the players. He seems to respond to everything the players do with “anyway’s…” as if they are not ‘doing it right’.

  6. Author

    I ran this scenario and I used a scenario from the Invictus adventure anthology. My frustration came from me being able to find the relevant material in the book quickly enough. It had nothing to do with the players.

  7. Besides, how else could one possibly respond to this much sexual innuendo, except with, “Anyways…”.

    That said, I myself thought it was pretty good, and would love to see the second part of this posted some time soon. Also, Thad is the best. That is all.

  8. The major problem I found with Invictus was that armored up fighters turned out to be a match for several mythos creatures. Especially the ones protected from firearms or not doing oodles of damage.

  9. Every time Thad speaks, I hear the voice of Michael Palin… “I have a vewy gweat fwiend in Wome called Biggus Dickus.”

  10. I don’t know if Tom and Ross live together or, perhaps, already got married (eew!) but seriously… does he have to partake in every session? I mean, come on… he coughed and coughed. It hurt my fragile ears! Next time, please, stay at home Tom. Flame me if you please, I don’t give a… hoot. 🙂

  11. If ‘doing it right’ means listening to a game that doesn’t degrade into a high school circle jerk session, that’s the reason I keep listening to RPPR. If you want to listen to more ‘liberated’ groups that fester in their own stagnant water of in-jokes and inability to role play within a story, there are plenty of those on the internet to keep you entertained.

    Ross and the gang have managed the feat of balancing out their pop culture references and jokes with the story they play through. If someone could find another group that has managed this, please post about it.

    Great session overall.

    Tom, you might not know this, but you have a habit of threatening to knock out any player character that has flare and personality. This came up during the New World sessions with Cody and I think the New World of Darkness games with RJ. It’s hard to tell if you’re trying to be endearing or homophobic.

  12. I’ve never posted on one of the plays before. So this is all Thad’s fault. He caused the Betty Rubble giggle to come out at work today.

    The only thing I could imagine better would be that Thad and Caleb were playing Hedonism twins. That would be awesome sauce.


  13. the way almost every Tom character ever (even the yakuza when he ran cyberpunk…) seems to grasp any opportunity to say something schoolyard bullyish to anybody remotely queeny does make me a little sadfag sometimes. then I remember it’s a fucking rpg podcast and stop caring, but yeah, that’s a thing. if you’d ever wondered how it sounded to a boylikier listener. it doesn’t sound great. but whatevs.

  14. To defend Tom, look at the characters he plays in those examples. I’d say his attitude is in-line with how you would expect that character to respond. Yakuza would absolutely hate “the gays”, and his character in this game was a musclebound behemoth soldier in ancient Rome. Odds are good he would treat everyone smaller than him (which is most people) like shit. I don’t see Tom himself as being at all homophobic, and the instances where his characters come across as such make sense from a RP perspective.

    As for his interactions with RJ, RJ’s characters often need to be taken down a peg or two. I like RJ, but he has a tendency to take whatever character he has in a game and try to muscle his way into being the “lead” character. I’m not saying he does it intentionally or anything, but look at Locrag from New World, or the Priest character from the NWoD games, and it doesn’t take long to see how he tries to cow other characters into doing what he wants or trying to threaten/intimidate them into admitting he’s right. I loved Tom’s response in the Candle Cove game where RJ was practically shouting the other players down over the fact that somehow, I guess because he was a priest, that he knew what was going on and what to do. He just kept telling Tom “You don’t know what you’re dealing with” as a method of getting Tom to do what he wanted, to which tom responded “Dude, NEITHER DO YOU.” Loved it.

    Last thing. Tom, if your dice aren’t loaded, please sell them to me. I’ve never seen/heard of anyone rolling so well in CoC, and you do it almost every single game. Statistically, you shouldn’t get an impale or crit every other roll. Again, I’m not accusing you of anything, but you guys do roll openly, right?

  15. Author

    Well Tom did fail that last dodge check in the Yakuza game 😀

  16. Oh, but I do like the off-topic babble during sessions, however in this one it was overwhelming. I must say that after I heard Thad, I thought “if he impersonates gayish lord of madness, why not devote a separate podcast to that kind of acting?”. By the way, yes Tom’s characters are unique ’cause they all can be summed up with one word – D*CK! Oopsy, I rhymed! 🙂

  17. This podcast was pure fun to listen to. I thought Thad’s Senator would get annoying eventually but it never did, and that’s saying something considering this was almost three hours long. It was interesting to see that more primitive weapons and armor are so much more powerful against Mythos creatures, but that kind of makes sense given the specifics (modern day investigators aren’t carrying wood/metal shields and donning bronze cuirrases). There was even a great Aaron moment when he tried to set the thing on fire… classic. I am looking forward to the next part and hoping things get even crazier and more painfully stereotyped.

  18. I havent laughed this hard since the new world campaign. granted the jokes are a little childish but i loved the rping and you can’t bash any gm that goes out of his way to try and save tome at the ends there when he started failing rolls

  19. CoC and Ancient history? Nerdgasim.

    A great episode. Thad did an amazing job. I have to say I’ve never seen anyone give the evil eye to a dark young before.

    Line of the night…”F your dark young. F your dark young hole.”

  20. So as a Centurion, does Tom’s character have 100 Roman foot soldiers at his disposal? Because that could come in handy for solving problems. Just throw more soldiers at it!

    Of course, when the only tool you have is 100 Roman soldiers, every problem looks like a small tribal kingdom which has failed to swear loyalty to the Empire.

  21. That was hilarious.

    Coming into it I didn’t think a CoC game set in Ancient Rome of all places would have me biting my tongue to keep passerby from thinking I’m some kind of nut, but lo and behold.

  22. Wow, I really enjoyed this one! I’m not usually a fan of Cthulhu games, but I do have a bit of a soft spot for Roman history. The setting of this game definitely seemed interesting, but what made this so great were the characters y’all came up with. It almost goes without saying that, despite being relatively horrifying, hedonism senator was almost equally hysterically funny. My favorite though, was Tom’s centurion. He was just unapologetically awesome. Facing down a monster from a nightmare without blinking, constantly kicking butt, he was a blast to listen to. Thanks for the great entertainment guys!

  23. Man, I was just going to pop in to congratulate you guys on all the Patton Oswalt references, but instead I got sucked into “vague accusation time”. I like to think I’m pretty good at picking up on these kinds of things, but I have no idea what anyone’s talking about here. How does Tom being a dick to RJ’s NWOD character = homophobia? Far as I recall, Tom’s character was a dick to everyone in that game. Don’t recall said character being particularly “queeny”, either (and I’m the /last/ person you ask if you want to know if a character /isn’t/ gay).

    Directs quotes and citations? Let’s be a little academic here, people; I hate being out of the accusatory loop.

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